Winter Transitions, Spring Transformation

Winter Transitions, Spring Transformation 1I returned to Santa Fe a few days ago to find that Spring has definitely Sprung! The daffodils are up, trees are budding. The plum tree even has a few flowers already. Despite the snow showers yesterday and below freezing temperatures last night, Nature is definitely showing that the winter’s transitions are coming round for spring transformation. I am allowing it to be. Are you??

This is what Spring is all about for me: Transitions morphing into transformations. Dying unto myself. Shedding my skin. And allowing for opportunities to return to old things in new ways.

As I contemplate my own transitions this winter I can see that in many ways — just as when on a shamanic journey, which we all experience at times, by the way — I’ve been forced to die unto myself over the past months. For only when we are torn apart can we come together again and embrace ever more fully who we really are. From chaos comes order. When we allow ourselves to die in a metaphoric way, we allow rebirth into a more complete version of ourselves. And the experience allows us to share with others the trials and tribulations and hopes and successes.

This is Joseph Campbell’s Heroes Journey. It is the spiritual order of things. In this Holy Week in the Christian faith it is the transition and transformation that Jesus underwent.

With Spring upon us and Nature allowing her charges to emerge from the death of winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, it is important to remember that no matter how hard the winter may have seemed there is really nothing to fear and nothing we need to do in order to re-emerge as a greater version of ourselves. Nature, the Universe, is in charge. Giving up the need to take control is perhaps the greatest opportunity for learning that transition gifts to us. And it is our willingness to accept this gift that allows for transformation.

For me, I’ve allowed the Universe to take the upper hand in re-defining my work over the winter. I’m still in the midst of that transition but ever closer to the transformation it promises. I have my moments of doubt for sure! And fear as well. But even those offer clues to who I really am. My only work is to notice; to stay awake and aware.

And how about for you? What transitions have you been entrusted with this winter. What transformation is underway? Take note. Stay awake and aware. Let go any control. Go with the flow. And ride the wave with senses of anticipation and excitement about where it is taking you. No matter what the transition and the transformation it leads to there is only good to come.

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With blessings and great gratitude,
from Santa Fe, NM
Dr Mark

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Dr Mark Arcuri
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