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Enjoying a practice without borders Dr Mark engages with clients worldwide via secure email and secure video sessions in support of your emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness. Send a note today!
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Carlos Ramirez, MBA Office Manager
Transformational Life Guidance


Querétaro, QRO MX 76146 Phone +52 (442) 348-6330 Fax +52 (442) 348-6330 Santa Fe, NM US 87592 PO Box 29930 Phone +1 (505) 629-0821 Fax +1 (505) 274-7673


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MGT Carlos Ramirez M., MBA
Office Guru

Transformational Life Guidance
Querétaro, QRO MX 76146
Teléfono +52 (442) 348-6330
Fax +52 (442) 348-6330
De 9:00 a 13:00 de lunes a jueves,
con cite previa

Santa Fe, NM US 87592

PO Box 29930
Phone +1 (505) 629-0821
Fax +1 (505) 274-7673
8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon Mon-Thu,
by appointment