Turn Transition into Transformation!

Turn Transition into Transformation! 1I’m headed back to the US today after two weeks of working and playing (same thing!) in Querétaro, Mexico. The time was productive; lots of writing, video, and soulful planning into 2019. It’s also been a time for reflection as 2018 draws to a close and 2019 brings with it the promise of new beginnings or, more likely, experiences of new things in old ways.

Transformation is all about new beginnings. The hallmark, though, the thing that sets transformation apart from aimless transition, is that transformation culminates with returning to old things in new ways.

When we are thrust into great change in our life, or even if we willingly choose to make changes, we are presented with choices along the path and some can be difficult to make. Typically there are impulses that if acted upon, usually from a place of fear, thwart the process and take us right back to where we started. Change is averted, but usually only for a little while. The opportunity for transformation is thwarted as well though, and life remains stagnant and our soul constrained while the Universe conspires a plan to give us another chance.

If we hold the course, though, the transition period comes to its natural finish and it is there that the gift of true transformation lies.

As the sun sets on 2018 I am thinking a lot about change and transformation. Much has shifted this year and the temptation to create the energy that put things back to the way they were has been great. But as Carlos and I look at the directions for Transformational Life Guidance in 2019 and beyond I can see the glimpse of transformation on the near horizon — returning to old things in new ways.

And with that glimpse comes the remembering that no matter how we might feel in the moment, our soul persists and will carry us through, no matter what our challenges, to a place that is ever more connected with who we really are. IF we allow the process.

Transitions rarely feel good in the moment. But there are simple ways to make the process more bearable. Intentional distraction with things you love to do; careful attention to the things in your life that are not changing; mindfulness practices — meditation, long drives, trying a new recipe, gardening indoors or out, immersing yourself in a good workout; enlisting the support of others; considering a coaching session to get an outside perspective; faith-based practices that give you strength. The list goes on.

What changes leading to transitions bearing the gifts of transformation are underway in your life as 2018 draws to a close? How do you plan to allow the process? Acknowledging the transitions for all to see honors them, gives them energy, and sparks the unlimited power of the Universe to carry you through the toughest ones, giving your soul the room and nutrients it needs to grow.

Scroll down and let us know!

With blessings and great gratitude
from Querétaro, México,
Dr Mark

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2 thoughts on “Turn Transition into Transformation!”

  1. Anthony Harkness

    My biggest transformation I want to make is not receiving gifts but bestowing gifts in all areas of my life.

    I love the blog format and the link to FB.

    Hope all is well.

  2. Anthony, thanks so much for the soul-felt response. Your goal is one that I aspire to as well; it has been on my mind as recently today as holiday invitations start to come in and I contemplate family soon as well. I’d love to hear here how you begin to practice this. It feels like the makings of a wisdom community 🙂 .

    All is well! And with you, I trust.

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