Integrative Coaching

I have designed my Integrative Health Coaching approach as an easy way to understand your current emotional, diet, exercise, and sleep habits — your current lifestyle if you will — as well your satisfaction in all other areas of your life such as relationships, career, and spiritual practices. Without such an integrative assessment it can be difficult to fully understand what we really wish to have, and the best tweaks that will get us there.

Too often we set ourselves into a routine that does not honor who we really are It is built on the teachings and expectations of others. From the day we are born we are programmed by those around us, true to the Jesuits’ centuries old claim, “Give me the child for the first seven years and I will give you the man.” In the early years we absorb teachings from the important people around us — their world-views, attitudes, biases, and lifestyles. Naturally these become our own; we know no better at such a young age. Though we embrace them they do not represent who we are. So, we go on living someone else’s life but as we mature we face challenges in our day to day living. Oftentimes these are a result of what we are living not fitting with who we really are. It is in these challenges that lie the gifts of opportunity to (re)discover who we are and (re)discover our true self, our “paradise.”

In our work together we will embark on this journey in a variety of ways. These may include:

  • Energy Techniques such as Z-Point, Tapping, or Thought Field Therapy to remove conscious and unconscious blocks to embracing your power
  • Meditation and Mindfulness practices to energize your overall life force and support your ability to sustain your goals once you achieve them
  • A Law of Attraction framework to ensure that you are living your emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects in exact alignment with having all you are wanting

Our work will also draw on my internationally recognized book, A Life Aligned – The Journey to Allowing the Magic in Your Life. If you have not read it, I’ll send you an e-copy right off!

Ready? Make an appointment and let’s get started today!

Please note: I no longer offer psychology services to the general public. Services are limited to Integrative Health Coaching only and are not intended to diagnose or treat any disorder. Due to the virtual nature of our work together any fitness, nutritional, and other physical lifestyle recommendations should only be carried out after you have consulted your personal health care provider to discuss potential contraindications. Your agreement to these conditions is required at the start of our work together.