Your Heart Is the Only Critic Worthy of Your Attention

Your Heart Is the Only Critic Worthy of Your AttentionWe live in a world where it is easy to feel insecure. Whether it be for our politics, gender, sexual identification or non-identification, color or creed, religion, skills and abilities, economic status, or countless other reasons, ours has become a world where shaming is routine and self esteem seems to be hitting an all-time low.

It is hard to acknowledge it, but here in the USA we have taken the lead in this destructiveness over the past few years. And with tragic consequences both at home and as it filters throughout the world. Now more than ever we are faced with circumstances everyday that challenge us to Be who we are and to Be in our own way.

Our younger people look for positive roles models that are difficult to find these days but they are there. A friend, Ann Munro England, published a book recently ( that is a tremendous step in this direction. Check it out! And there are others, like a series for younger folks along with his classics for adults, by Wayne Dyer, that are easily found along with Ann’s book on Amazon. I would like to think that my own first book, A Life Aligned: The Journey to Allowing the Magic in Your Life is a contribution as well.

Remember that words don’t teach, stories and examples do. The more we can do to empower ourselves the greater the impact on those who look towards us, whether young or old. We must show by example the power of living our heart’s purpose and in a way that our heart can easily feel good about. Our heart should be the only critic worthy of our attention.

Do you do live this way? What is it like? Or, what have the struggles to get there been like? Scroll down below right now and leave a comment!

If you need some help, start with a simple practice adapted from Spencer Johnson’s book, Yes or No. When faced with a decision about how to act in a given situation or how to respond, just ask yourself, “Does my heart feel good about this decision? Yes or No.” If the answer is Yes then proceed! If not, consider an alternative and ask the question again. You will be surprised at how quickly this becomes habit, and how fast you will find yourself answering Yes most of the time because you will have integrated the question such that you are asking it on an unconscious level before you even stop to ask in your mind.

Living from the heart is quite easy indeed once you get into the routine! And it is a powerful example for others who will learn from what they observe without you having to proactively try to teach them anything.

Give it a shot this week! Scroll down and let us know your experiences and thoughts!

With blessings and great gratitude

from Santa Fe, NM

Dr Mark

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