When One Door Closes... 1I’ve been having a “thing” with doors lately.  Several weeks ago my front door mechanism broke and it was stuck shut.  Luckily I have a back door I was able to use the garage to get in and out of the house but between my house cleaner and house sitter it was really inconvenient for the front door to be inoperable.  It’s fixed now and all was well until, a few days ago, a cabinet door became stuck open.  Now, I know the old saying that when one door closes another — or others — will open, and I am a firm believer in that line of thinking.  And I also believe that even though the closed door and open door didn’t quite overlap in time reality the truth of the relationship bears out.  But before I jump to the rest of the story let me tell you a bit about how I approach such things.

I believe, as Gregg Braden and others so beautifully teach, that we live in a reflective Universe.  The things we experience around us, from conundrums like my door to the health of our pets and others, to challenges we face with our vehicles, and to the people we meet, all reflect what happening within us.  I have had a wealth of such things to reflect on in recent weeks — a flat tire, the doors I mentioned above, a car out of alignment, water leaks, and two fish died in my salt water aquarium over the weekend.  My fish never die!  Indeed, these are all things I rarely experience.  So after each I asked myself some serious questions, like, Am I feeling stuck?  Not moving forward?  Am I out of air?  Out of alignment?  Is pressure building up somewhere and bursting forth as with the pipes?  Am I doing something that is unsustainable to my life?  Am I dying to something (only to be reborn to something new?)  Am I wanting to get out of something and unable to mobilize myself… and having done it (yay!) are there doors opening now that are so perfect in every way that they just won’t close?  All of these, and more, I ponder in my life today.

Back to the doors — the closed front door is fixed and now opening, and with it, albeit a few weeks later, the cabinet door just wants to stay open.  But here is how I explain it: When the front door got stuck shut there were plans for a long-standing work opportunity to end.  I just didn’t know it at the time but now I know it was happening precisely when my front door got stuck shut.  I was able to get the door fixed but the plans to close off the work opportunity continued and were recently revealed.  A few days later, the cabinet door got stuck open and, with that, new opportunities flowed in in a powerful way.  I hesitate to get the cabinet door fixed!

So what does this all mean?  In a reflective Universe we have an opportunity to ponder many things every day.  And with each, we have a glimpse of guidance about what might be asunder and what may lie ahead.  And with those, an opportunity to take action to alter the course of things toward something more pleasing.  Or not.  The choice is always ours, but at least we are empowered to make a choice.

I am not suggesting you spend your day analyzing every detail but rather suggesting that you might see these things with eyes that are open and aware and approach happenstance not as a hindrance but with a curiosity and trusting that even when your world seems chaotic there is order, and a rhyme and reason that can be useful if you take the time to observe and listen.

I invite you to approach things that happen in your experience today a bit differently.  Ask yourself what meaning might be attached to them; remembering that nothing happens in a vacuum.  Pressure builds and pipes leak.  How might you relieve the pressure?  Tires go flat and momentum stalls.  How might you re-energize?  Doors close and new ones open.  How might you walk through them rather than trying to open the closed door?  Pets get sick— or even die.  How might your life as you are living it today be unsustainable?  What actions might you take to breathe in new life?

With Blessings and Gratitude,
From Santa Fé, New México
Dr. Mark

Dr Mark Arcuri
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