Boy, the universe really schooled me this morning! I was headed to the bank on my way to the gym and I was thinking about how of the two bank branches on the way both have ATM machines in the back of the building. I thought to myself that it seemed a little bit unsafe, but then again I live in Santa Fe and how often do I really hear about problems? In fact, I can’t remember ever hearing about a problem at an ATM machine here. Anyway, I decided to go to the first branch and I was aware after I pulled in that a pickup truck pulled in shortly after I did. I didn’t think too much of it except that the pickup truck pulled into the lane next to mine, which placed it behind the ATM machine that I had driven up to. The odd thing about that is that it was a drive-in teller lane rather than another ATM machine. The bank was not open.

As I was entering the information into the ATM, I heard the doors open on the pickup truck and at least one person got out. I heard him say something to another person. I immediately got scared, hit the cancel button, rolled up my window, and drove away quickly. As I drove away I immediately thought to myself that I couldn’t remember if I’d actually completed the transaction. I knew that I had hit the cancel button but didn’t really remember how far along I was in the process. I looked in my review mirror as I drove off and I saw the man who’d gotten out of the truck waving his hands and yelling. I pulled back around and he was standing there with his hands to the side looking at the ATM, which had just dispensed my $200. When I rolled down my window he said, “Bro, I put my card in and your money just started coming out!”

I looked at him rather sheepishly and made up a story about having thought that the machine had canceled my transaction. I took the money out of the dispenser. He had not touched it; by the position of his hands he wanted to make it clear that he had not.

Embarrassed, I took $20 from the money and handed it to him in thanks. He would not take it. I tried a second time and he again refused. I thanked him for his honesty and pulled away.

Driving away I was aware of how deeply guilty I felt. I judged the fact that this car pulled up and pulled into a lane next to mine and that someone got out of the vehicle. I spooked myself; very unlike me! I jumped to a very wrong conclusion and I was embarrassed and felt guilty about it.

When I got to the gym, I told my buddy of the story and gave him $20 to give to his young daughter. I really wanted to give something back to thank the universe for this man’s honesty and to make me feel a bit better for my own mistrust.

I need to look at how I set this up this morning. From the time I left the house, to allowing my thoughts to go towards how relatively unsafe I felt the placement of these ATMs were, to my very quick judgment of the people who got there after I did. It was a chain of events that I let very quickly get out of hand.

I am deeply grateful that the universe took the situation I created to teach me a lesson in what turned out to be a very safe way. It now feel responsible to understand what that lesson might be. As synchronicity would have it I will participate in a group meeting later this morning, as the focus person, and will have just that opportunity. I welcome it, and am excited to learn the outcome.

Have you been schooled by the Universe? Send an email and let me know! I would welcome that.

With Blessings and Gratitude,
from Santa Fe, New Mexico

Dr Mark Arcuri
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