The Way of Transition 1Like most I know, I’ve been through my share of transitions. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, there’s something very right about it. Transitions are part of life on our planet and they transcend race, creed, sexuality and gender identity, religious or spiritual beliefs, and any other demographic you can think of. Some transitions are rougher than others but they are always quite benevolent in their way. They lead us a step or two down our path, and oftentimes these are steps we’ve been reluctant to take. Most of don’t like change, especially consequential change. Transition, like the Universe whom it operates through, always has our back though, and, gently or not, will guide us along the way.

2018 brought several transitions in my life. I left teaching for a graduate university. My long-term work with a government organization was significantly curtailed. Some friends passed through my life and new relationships were made. While the circumstances were different in each case, as I look back and understand what wove them together I can see that what shifted was my understanding of who I am, what I am here for in this lifetime, and how to be clear on what I stand for no matter what the seeming consequences.

As transition cleared space there was room for new things to come in, and that’s the way of the transition, isn’t it? It clears our space — physically, emotionally, energetically — of things that no longer resonate. And it fills that space with harmonious experiences that sometimes even push us further down our path.

It’s important to remember that when the Universe clears space through a transition it will always fill that space with something better. The Universe doesn’t like emptiness. There are no vacuums. Even when we try to stand in the way the space will get filled.

We have to learn to go with the flow. While sometimes I initiated the changes, like when I gave up teaching in an organization that had changed so much it was no longer the place I agreed to teach, there were other times when things changed around me and I no longer had my place and I had no choice but to go. The decision was made for me. But even when it seemed like transition happened to me rather than being created by me, I realize now in retrospect that the start of the transition was always of my doing. Whether I felt like I chose a transition or not, I could see that I was the one who started to move away as I grew and changed. Even in cases where I felt victim to a circumstance, eventually I saw that I really did initiate things after all.

And I think that that’s one of the blessings of transition. When we get to a place of acceptance of change, no matter whether we felt in charge or as a victim, we eventually get to a place where we can reflect and see that we were in control the whole time. Sometimes it takes time. Sometimes we need coaching or other help. But when we can fully embrace a transition, take responsibility for it, and accept is as the blessing that it is, we grow exponentially. That growth is yet another gift.

Take a few minutes right now and think about changes in your life that are underway or maybe recent. Are there any that you feel victim to? If you’re honest, even just with yourself for now, can you see, just maybe, how you actually were the creator behind it?

If not, take a bit more time and look a bit more openly. Is it possible?

If so, how might you embrace the transition as a creation of your own? What gratitude can you feel towards it? How can you express the gratitude and even celebrate the transition despite perhaps hard times or fear?

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With blessing and great gratitude
from Santa Fe, New Mexico,
Dr Mark

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