Consequential ElectionOne Consequential Election!

This blog is hard to write yet, in some ways, it’s easy. Today’s world is full of such dichotomies, twists and turns, bittersweet ironies, and Shakespearean tragedy. “Expect the unexpected” is a rule of thumb now. Learned helplessness, depression, anxiety; they are experiences that are all too common, perhaps only topped by grief. 

Yet we are empowered, incredibly empowered! Wherever you are in the world, you have an opportunity to do your part to change what is happening, an opportunity borne of your understanding on the deepest level that what is happening around you, and to you, is by virtue of the power you have given others. You are empowered by it. You can take that power back!

Here in the United States, this opportunity will take a definitive turn on November 3rd when we put Donald Trump and his misguided associates out to pasture and fulfill for him, his promise to drain the swamp. It is an opportunity that will not be wasted.

I’ve never publicly endorsed a candidate for any office; I’ve never felt the need. But this year is different. Most every year in memory we have been told that “this election may be the most consequential ever.” The current US elections really are. There is nothing more consequential than pain and suffering and death, eternal fear, the unknown of the next day simply because of the erratic and vengeful actions of an unstable person who found himself with power by virtue of a broken system, or the loss of hope.

It hurts my heart to know that some in my own family support him. But it also serves as an excellent context for a critical message: If there is a gold lining in the very dark cloud that we have allowed to envelop the world, it is that more and more people are beginning to understand that Oneness is real. More and more are seeing that we cannot hurt another without hurting ourselves; allow another to die without killing a part of ourselves too; or deny any living thing the right to live their life to the fullest expression of their authenticity without question or judgment, without denying the same right to ourselves. There is no action towards any of us that does not affect all. Oneness.

Yet I can understand why some support him. It’s simple. They do not understand Oneness and that they are subject to it as are we all. Their support comes from what they believe have been personal benefits, as tenuous as they might really be, while they fail to see — or choose not to acknowledge — how the very person they support hurts so many others, and that every instance of that hurt in turn hurts themselves as well. Consequential indeed!

My words will not change their thinking, but their experiences to come might. We can only wish that the teachings are gentle.

We are incredibly empowered! We have the opportunity to change the trajectory of the US and her people, and indeed of the world. We can choose to forge forward as One and mend the imposed division of the past four years. We can choose to reclaim the respect and power of our history, which Donald Trump has destroyed, and use it for the good of all. We can also choose to sit back and do nothing and continue to accept the consequences. We still get to choose.

If you haven’t voted yet, VOTE! As Michelle and Pete and Kamala and so many others have said, “Vote like your life depends on it because it does!” My life does depend on it.

I proudly voted for Biden/Harris. They are far from perfect, as are we all, but any imperfection pales when viewed against the inhumanity of Donald Trump. That is good enough for me, and I hope it is for you as well.

Our mind is fallible and subject to the craziness that bombards us every day. Our heart, while good, is sometimes easily swayed. VOTE WITH YOUR SOUL! Soul-informed actions change worlds, and changing the world is the only agenda worthy of a vote this year. What will you support?

I wish you great transformation this November 3rd and always!

With blessings and gratitude,
from Santa Fe, NM,
Dr Mark

Dr Mark Arcuri
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