Like many of us I still find myself disbelieving that Wayne Dyer transitioned a week ago. I’m unsure why I disbelieve. As I understand what we call death, we choose our time, method, and location, and I have every expectation that Wayne did just that. I guess my disbelief is more about my own ego and selfishness, my wish that he was still here in his physical form to give us more of the gifts he shared for so many decades. Selfish, yes. But forgivable. I’m sure Wayne would agree.

I had the honor of attending a writing workshop with Wayne in Fort Lauderdale last spring. His presence was beautiful, genuine, radiant, real. His daughter was in the hospital and he had to leave early one day. No one seemed to mind although I would guess that most if not all of us attended just to see him. To this day I have the notepad from that weekend here on my desk. The first thing I wrote on 5/3/2104 was, “Remember, you are a storyteller.” That was probably what changed my personal and professional life the most beginning that weekend. Be story teller. I noticed that I seem to naturally be just that, but now I try to consciously let it come through everyday in everything I do.

He also reminded us of something one of his earliest teachers, Abraham Maslow, taught him: “Self actualizing people are detached from outcome.” I’m pretty good at that too now but I try to stay consciously aware of it everyday.

As was true to Wayne’s style, even though most of us attended that weekend to learn how to be better writers, he didn’t speak all that much about writing although others on the stage did. He said at one point, “There is something that won’t let you do it any other way and you are not influenced by others who have what they think is a better way. You have to be a disturbing element.” When writing, when doing anything. And he was. And I strive to be. When I feel off course I remember, “Even the accidents are part of the perfection of it all.”

He talked about forgiveness. “Is there anyone in your life you need to forgive?” Do it, or nothing else is possible. Even writing.

He did say one thing directly about writing that stuck with me. I have it highlighted on my pad: “If your goal is getting the book published rather than getting it down you will never get there.”

He quoted A Course in Miracles, “If you knew who walked beside you at all times on this path you have travelled you could never feel fear or doubt again.” And so it is. I suspect in his transition last weekend there was no fear or doubt.

Blessed be, Dr. “call me Wayne” Dyer. Thank you for the weekend and for your life. May you in your transition touch even more lives and have an even more profound effect in all corners of the globe with your new alignment with Source, the most perfect alignment with who you are that there is.

And now I must let go too as you have done so that who you were in my life does not hinder you from being, for me, who you have become; and what a wonderful metaphor that is for all of us as we strive for greater and greater alignment with who we really are. The task, always, is letting go of who we used to be.

With Blessings and Gratitude,
from Santa Fe, New Mexico

Dr Mark Arcuri
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