What Are You Willing To Be? 1I woke up this morning feeling a deepened sense of horror as the appointed leader of the USA continues on his path of unravelling all sense of morality and dignity for our country while recklessly endangering millions and millions here and abroad. What troubles me most is that while the man is ignorant he is far from stupid. Tragically he knows what he is doing and he knows how to do it well. He is methodically putting into place a system of dictatorship based in isolation and on fear. Such a plan works well as history attests. Until it doesn’t. Then it is catastrophic.

He prophetically campaigned against a dark America that he convinced the minority existed and which he is now creating as his post-hoc proof that he was right. He is a master of marketing — of creating a need where no need exists so that his intended consumers are manipulated into “happily” drinking the Kool Aid they never knew they needed. The Art of the Deal is exactly that. And to plagiarize his favorite word, it is SAD.

I felt called this morning to be guided by Law of Attraction teachings, the most basic of which is that we create our experience by what we energetically send out to the universe. In Wayne Dyer’s words, we do not get what we want, we get what we are. While this leader causes planet-wide destruction my personal experience of what is happening is of my own construction. No one — not even he — can create in my reality.

While this might sound like undue self blame it is actually quite empowering. I am reminded of Viktor Frankl’s teachings from his time in Auschwitz, which seem uncannily appropriate to remember now: Our only inalienable right — one that no one can came from us — is our ability to choose how we respond to a situation. Frankl’s teachings tell me that if I take responsibility for my piece of what is happening, and keep a proper attitude towards it, then I have the power to change my piece. And simple physics shows that when one piece shifts all the other pieces must, by definition, shift as well. In family therapy we know that when one individual in the family changes their behavior the entire family experiences a corresponding shift. The problems is healed, or it simply goes away.

Always remember the power that you as one individual have to change the world! This works in destructive ways as we see with this man but it also works in just as powerfully good ways. The key is in remembering that each one us has that power as our birthright and no matter what the situation.

What will You do today to honor your power? What are You willing to be? Whatever you choose the universe will support you. And it will change the world! You get to decide what that change will be.

With Blessings and Gratitude,
from Santa Fe, New Mexico

Dr Mark Arcuri
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