Welcome Super Snow Moon, for Virgo and the Rest of Us!

Welcome Super Snow Moon, for Virgo and the Rest of Us! 1Tomorrow at 8:53 AM Mountain Standard time here in the US we usher in the 2019 Super Snow Moon. Infinitely more powerful for the Virgos among us, this moon is an opportunity for all of us to harness Virgo energy for organization and other aspects of project management, and endurance — mental and otherwise. When they put their heads and energy into it Virgos know how to get things done! And with this year’s Virgo Super Snow Moon we all have the chance to ride the wave and allow the energy to catapult our momentum to get things done in the most powerful of ways.

The arrival of this moon is even more auspicious here in Santa Fe as we are under a Winter Storm Warning right through the moon’s emergence. How better than to put on a proper snow storm to welcome in the Super Snow Moon?! At the same time, I am reminded of the Pyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacán, Mexico where I had the privilege to spend a few hours with Carlos in 2015. It’s pictured to the left. So, I feel surrounded by the moon’s good energy today and ready to harness its energy over the next 24 hours!

You’ve got some time to get on board as well. About 24 hours as I am writing this. Time to collect your thoughts around a project or something else you need some help with. Where is your thinking at the moment? Do you feel any momentum with it? Are you stuck? What sort of help do you feel you need? Take a moment and think and feel through these questions and once you have a sense, even if it’s not very clear, write a little story: In this story, lay out the plot and organize it as follows:

  • What project do you have in mind? Honor it with a name
  • What’s your timeframe? When do you want it completed?
  • What resources do you already have? Time, energy, money, people, health, Google, anything else?
  • What else do you need?
  • What do you most need help with now to jumpstart the momentum?

Just doing this quick and relatively easy exercise will create enough momentum for the Virgo energy to jump on board and support you all the way through. But get these these things in writing to solidify them and to have as an offering to welcome the moon’s return to Virgo in its fullness! I suggest reading it again before you go to be tonight, and putting the paper on your night table next you.

Be careful, though. Virgo’s energy is intense! Ask any Virgo you know. The momentum for what you are creating can literally go from 0 to 100 overnight when you give it a bit of a nudge as above. So be ready for it, stand strong in the flow, trust that it is exactly what you need, just release and feel exhilarated in it, and know that the Virgos among us harness and survive this intensity every day.

And the bonus? You will be amazed at how the energy of this Virgo Super Snow Moon follows you through the rest of the winter!

What story will you put forth? Share in the comments below!

With blessings and gratitude
from Santa Fe, NM,
Dr. Mark

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