Returning To Old Things … In New Ways

And the ride continues!  Yours too, I am sure.  With each new day comes new insights, and with each insight a new learning, and with each learning an inspiration, and with each inspiration acted on, a new chapter unfolds.  If the chain is unbroken, one can move from new day dawning to transformational change very quickly.  Few of us do it that way though.  We think.  Way too much.

Thinking is great for tangible problem-solving, but life doesn’t usually follow such logic.

“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it.  You must learn to see the world anew.”

Einstein.  How right he was.

And that is the hallmark of transformation, is it not?  Seeing the world anew… and putting judgment, interpretations, biases, and the like, aside long enough to allow seeing it anew.  When you see the world anew, your reality is changed.  When your reality is changed, you are transformed.  Plain and simple.

How many of us, in the midst of transition, long for or even try hard to put things back they way they were?  “When I get back to my old self, everything will be okay!”  But that’s not the point, is it?  Do you really believe that the Universe, God, your Higher Self would put you through the ringer just so you could get back to the way things were?  Why?

For transition to lead to transformation, you must let go of the old and trust that what is on it’s way to becoming is so much more than what is left behind.  You must understand that the uncertainly, darkness, pain – whatever your experience – is worth so much more to you if you endure it and learn from it and find the inspiration in it, than if you were to circumvent it.

The first step in transformation is An Ending.  Of something.  Anything.  Endings happen all the time in our lives.  They throw us into transition.  And if and anding is important enough to you, a transformational process begins.

The second step in transformation is really more a place than a step.  It has been called The Neutral Zone.  I wrote my dissertation on it.  It’s part release and part hell.  No need to mince words.  It is often experienced as a dark place, with the light at then end of the tunnel elusive indeed.  But the light does exist, and no one can go there with you to help you find it.  It’s about moving along to the tune of the inspirations that come, putting the “rational” mind and its fears aside.  It’s about trudging along fueled by the knowing that the point is to walk forward rather than to try to put things back the way they were.

And the third step in transformation is A New Beginning.  Oftentimes one finds that in this new place they have indeed returned to old things… but in a new way.  As a new person.  Transformed.  A teacher may become a seminar leader or a writer.  An Olympian may become a trainer.  An immigration clerk might find themselves using their skills to teach ESL.  Returning to old things in a new way is the hallmark of successful transformation.  The problem has been solved… with a higher level of consciousness than created it.  With a consciousness borne of the transformation process.

There is nothing easy about transformation, but with certainty you will experience transitions that are intended to bring the opportunity for transformation upon you.  It is the way of life.  Things end.  They always will.  But with each ending comes not a need to feel powerful and to conquer and overcome it, but a chance to embrace it, to be proactive, to be empowered, and to come through it a changed person in ways that you will be thankful for having endured it.  A new beginning.  That is always a possible outcome; indeed it is the intended outcome.  I believe that endings and transitions exist for no other purpose than to offer transformation.

Why not choose it?

As for me, I have returned to my full time coaching, writing, and playing practice.  Changed?  Absolutely.  Doing it in a new way?  You bet!  The happier for the experiences that have led me back here?  Wouldn’t trade them for any other.  And as is always the case in the perfect unfoldings of Divine Order, not a moment too soon… or too late.

With Blessings and Gratitude,
from Santa Fe, New Mexico

Dr Mark Arcuri
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