Positive Aspects, Revisited 1If you’ve had the chance to listen to recent videos the past couple of days over on facebook.com/drmarkarcuri you know this past Holy weekend I’ve been focused on death, resurrection as rebirth, and transformation. Nietzsche said that the snake that cannot shed its skin must perish and never is this more true than in Springtime when Beings in every kingdom are shedding parts of themselves that no longer serve them in order to become an ever truer representation of who they are. The process is natural, and Beings really don’t have the choice as Nietzsche suggests. Rather, transformation will take us kicking and screaming if need be, as the natural progression of things is that we move to a higher level of Being with every breath we take.

Whether the Universe nudges us or drags us along, we decide. If we hang on to something that no longer serves—if we resist a natural progression in our spiritual evolution—then life can become difficult indeed! Like Popocatépetl, to the left. But when we allow the process with ease and grace we are gifted with ease and grace in return. While the end result might be the same, and when it is over we will be grateful for the transformation no matter how we got there, the journey is very different depending on which choice we make.

Most of the time folks resist because they’re scared. I’m guilty of that! But by conjuring up faith and trust in the process there is no need for fear. That takes practice and there’s help of various kinds.

This weekend when I was contemplating some aspects of my own current transformations I felt drawn to complete a sheet of Positive Aspects, a list of all the things that I truly appreciated or liked about the situation I was moving away from. Law of Attraction says that when you do that you connect with a vibrational energy stream that ensures a smooth transition and towards something that is truly bigger and better. Focusing on the positive does not keep you connected to something that it is time to shed, it just ensures that it is not replaced by something just as in need of replacing. The vibration we put out is the experience we draw back to us.

In doing the Positive Aspects sheet, though, I realized that a piece was missing. Not only did I have to get in touch with every positive aspect I could of the experience I was letting go of, I had to ask my Inner Guidance for a healthy perspective on my situation. So I did that, and the results were, well, transformational!

On the Resources | Free Downloads tab at drmarkarcuri.com you will find a downloadable Book of Positive Aspects that you can grab and use for yourself. Go get a copy! I modified it today to include the Inner Guidance part of the transformational experience, so if you have downloaded it before go ahead and grab a new copy now. Pick a situation that’s troublesome, something that just no longer fits, and follow the instructions on the download.

Let us know your thoughts down below, and have a transformational week!

With blessings and great gratitude
from Santa Fe, NM
Dr Mark

Dr Mark Arcuri
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