The Ability to Commit: 5 Steps to Making Dreams Come True

Making Dreams Come TrueThe Ability to Commit: 5 Steps to Making Dreams Come True

As I prepare to relocate to Querétaro, Mexico on October 1st, I’m considering the importance of dedication. Aspirations and dreams are simple but only wishful thinking until someone is steadfastly committed to making them a reality. The motivation that keeps us moving forward in the face of difficulties and setbacks is the ability to commit.

The Choice to Commit

Making a decision that will change your life, like relocating to a different nation, requires much dedication. It takes more than just stating you’re going to do something; it needs committing to a goal and being prepared to go above and beyond.

I knew there would be many unknowns on my trip to become a resident of Mexico when I initially felt the calling in my soul to do so. It’s difficult to uproot your life and start over in a strange country. From finding a place to live and figuring out residency requirements to continuing to serve my coaching customers and operate my business from a new location, many logistical issues still need to be worked out. It would have been simple for me to become overwhelmed by the drastic shift. But I had a gut feeling that this was the proper course of action. I, therefore, promised myself that I would follow through on my desire, no matter what obstacles were in my way.

A declaration of commitment is made to oneself as well as to others. It is putting down a marker and declaring, “This is who I am and what I stand for.” There’s just no room for failure when you’re committed. You’ll do whatever it takes to realize your dream.

Dedication Drives Perseverance

Persistence is fueled by commitment, which is one of its greatest powers. Giving up is not an option when you’re committed to achieving an objective. Even when the road ahead appears overwhelming, you’ll persevere through the difficult moments, use your imagination to come up with answers, and just keep moving forward.

There have been times of doubt and frustration as I’ve organized this relocation. Making many decisions, filling out paperwork, and taking risks have all been part of untangling myself from the life I’ve built in the United States and beginning afresh in Mexico. I have occasionally felt overburdened. There have been times when I’ve wondered if I can realize this dream. But what’s kept me going is my steadfast dedication to writing this new chapter.

As I cover in my book, A Life Aligned: The Journey to Allowing the Magic in Your Life, stepping outside your comfort zone is frequently necessary when committing to your true path. We experience growth and transformation when we’re not afraid to tackle risky, uncharted territory. Relocating to a different nation counts as a brave move! Staying where things are predictable and comfortable would be much easier. But eventually, you realize that you’ve outgrown your present situation. Uncertain and foreign, something more significant is what your spirit longs for. At this point, dedication turns into your most valuable ally. You discover a power and resilience you never knew you possessed when you dedicate yourself to pursuing your greatest dreams.

I am confident that a vibrant and full life awaits me on the other side of this commitment and the effort it will take to get there. One in which I get to live every day following my moral principles, in the warmth and vitality of Mexican culture, and in which I may serve as an example of what it is to honor your truth—even when it’s challenging. I’m committing to my soul’s calling by migrating to Mexico, not merely changing my zip code.

Ways to Make Your Commitment Stronger

If you have a lofty objective or desire, here is how you can support staying committed:

  1. Clearly define your “why”: Engage in a greater level of reasoning for your objective. When you succeed, what will it mean for you and your life? Living more aligned with my values and being open to new experiences and opportunities is my “why” for relocating to Mexico.
  2. Create a plan: Divide your objective into manageable steps. Having a plan increases commitment and self-assurance. I have a list of the major goals I want to accomplish before October, including finding a place to live, organizing my paperwork, arranging for health insurance, etc. It feels more possible when you break it down into smaller, more manageable bits.
  3. Seek assistance: Encourage yourself with people who can motivate you and share your vision. Join groups of dreamers and doers who share your beliefs. I appreciate my friends, family, coworkers, and clients’ support and encouragement during this journey. My commitment is maintained by knowing that I have a support system.
  4. Mark your progress: And celebrate your accomplishments along the way. Every tiny victory strengthens your resolve and drive. I celebrate every step I take to make this relocation happen, like deciding what to do with my US home or making that one-way travel reservation. Everything adds up!
  5. Take on challenges: Reframe setbacks as chances to improve and demonstrate your commitment. You become much more involved when you overcome them. When my relocation plans encounter obstacles, I tell myself that getting through them will make me stronger and more resourceful.

When Faith Fades

Now, I would be irresponsible if I did not mention that, despite your deepest dedication, there will come moments when your resolve falters. This is typical human behavior. Everybody experiences anxiety and fear occasionally. The secret is to avoid letting momentary doubt derail you.

When you sense that your dedication is waning, remember your “why.” Recall the initial motivations behind your decision to go this path. Reestablish a connection with your idea of what is beyond your objective. Speak with your network of support and allow them to acknowledge your progress. If you need to refuel, take a break, but don’t let it become a permanent hiatus. Make a new commitment to moving forward by taking the next little step. Movement generates confidence and momentum.

Recall that no dream can come true without dedication. It serves as the link between our imagination and reality. When the way is unclear, our inner understanding propels us forward. The voice encourages us to press on even in the face of exhaustion and fear.

I’m more determined than ever to embrace all the development, happiness, and pleasure that lie ahead as I prepare for my next chapter in Mexico. I’m determined to present my best version of myself in a foreign country. I’m dedicated to encouraging people to follow their callings, no matter how difficult, because a life beyond your greatest expectations awaits you on the other side of commitment.

I invite you to consider your goals and what you are prepared to dedicate yourself to. Which dream is making you feel something? Know that nothing is impossible to do if you give your all to what matters. You possess the ability to design a life that brings you joy. But the first step is to make a sincere commitment to yourself.

With blessings and appreciation,
Dr. Mark Arcuri
Santa Fe, NM

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