Embracing Now and Next: Navigating Life’s Journey

Embracing Now and NextEmbracing Now and Next: Navigating Life’s Journey

Life in Santa Fe unfolds with a comforting rhythm, a blend of daily routines set against the serene backdrop of the Sangre de Cristo mountains, which are bathed in hues of amber and rose each morning. The beauty of April here is unmistakable—the crisp, chilly air of dawn is softened by the warm sunshine peeking through the clouds, highlighting the blooming lilacs, plums, and apples that herald the full swing of spring. I start each day with the aroma of espresso, a ritual that grounds me as I juggle the dual realities of my current life in New Mexico and my anticipated future in Querétaro, Mexico.

Beneath the surface of this daily routine, there is a subtle but persistent undercurrent of anticipation for the move. The duality of existence is palpable; fully present in the familiarity of my Santa Fe home – and loving every minute if it! – I savor the scent of chiles on the stove this morning and think about the vibrant creativity at the Farmer’s and Artisan’s Market this weekend. Yet, my mind is also wandering to Querétaro, imagining the colorful streets and historic facades, and the conversations in rapid (and overwhelming!) Spanish that await me.

A Moment of Mindfulness Amidst Spring’s Bloom

Recently, during a quiet morning in my garden, where the soft wind and the warm New Mexico sun always seem to bring clarity, I found myself in mindfulness. As I sat there, surrounded by the vibrancy of spring blooms, and grounded by my morning espresso, a realization dawned on me. While my future in Querétaro holds promise and excitement, my present in Santa Fe is equally precious. This moment of clarity was profound—it was not about halting my daydreams of Mexico, but about honoring my current environment with as much appreciation and presence as I anticipate my future.

This moment of clarity was a necessary alignment of my present with my future. It mirrored the essence of what I’ve always taught my clients: that to truly prepare for a move, a transition, or any significant life change, one must make peace with where they are. You cannot move towards a new chapter with authenticity if you’re seeking to flee from the current one. This is a central tenet of A Life Aligned—emphasizing that genuine change is a process of drawing from the richness of our present circumstances to fertilize the soil of future growth.

Making peace with where you are doesn’t negate the desire for change; rather, it creates a foundation of stability and gratitude from which transformation can successfully emerge. In my book, I discuss the importance of aligning with the present moment to create a congruent and purposeful path forward. When we acknowledge and accept where we currently stand, when we make peace with our surroundings and our inner selves, we’re not escaping but progressing. The journey to Querétaro, then, becomes not a flight from Santa Fe, but a conscious, deliberate voyage towards a new horizon, carrying with us the lessons and love from the place we called home. It’s about taking a piece of Santa Fe with me, in my heart, as I embrace the adventure that awaits in Mexico.

“Be where your feet are,” a principle I often share, struck me anew. It underscored that being fully present does not preclude the joy of anticipation. Rather, it enriches it. By truly embracing my surroundings in Santa Fe, I am not just passively waiting to leave; I am actively living, gathering a spectrum of experiences and emotions that will accompany me to Querétaro.

Embracing Duality in Transition

This understanding has helped me navigate the emotional and mental complexities of preparing for a significant life change. It’s a delicate balance to maintain—immersing in the logistics of the move, such as sorting out residency, finding a home, and learning the language, all while continuing to engage deeply with my life here. Each step in the preparation process is a bridge between my current life and the one I am about to begin.

Sharing this journey, I’ve realized how common this feeling of duality is. Many of us live on the cusp of future possibilities while trying to remain anchored in the present. Whether it’s a move, a new job, or any significant change, the challenge is the same: how do we honor our current life while preparing for the next chapter?

Insights from Roberto Assagioli and Milton Erickson

In contemplating this balance, I find great insight in the works of Roberto Assagioli and Milton Erickson, both pioneers in understanding the human psyche and its capacity for transformation. Assagioli’s concept of psychosynthesis emphasizes the integration of different aspects of personality into a cohesive self. This approach resonates deeply with my current experience; it’s about synthesizing the old and the new, the known and the unknown, into a harmonious whole.

Milton Erickson utilized the power of the unconscious mind to effect change. His techniques serve as a metaphor for my current transition—using mindful actions and thoughts to subtly guide the subconscious towards embracing new realities and challenges.

Finding Balance in Your Own Journeys

To those navigating similar transitions, here are practical steps to harmonize your present with the anticipation of future changes, using elements from my morning routine as metaphors for broader life strategies:

  1. Morning Reflection: Just as the morning sun brings warmth and clarity, dedicate time each morning to reflect on what you are grateful for in your current situation. Use this time to also visualize your day ahead, aligning your actions with your broader goals.
  2. Embrace Nature’s Cycles: Just like the seasonal blooms, life is full of cycles and changes. Embrace them by recognizing the beauty in each phase, whether you’re in a period of preparation, transition, or arrival.
  3. Savor Small Rituals: My morning espresso is a ritual that centers me. Find and savor such small rituals in your daily life. Whether it’s a cup of coffee, a short walk, or a few moments of deep breathing, these rituals can help keep you grounded and present.
  4. Prepare Mindfully: As I pack today for a teaching trip to Minneapolis, each item chosen is a mindful decision, not just for the trip but as a practice for my larger move. Approach your preparations—whether for moving, changing jobs, or any significant change—with mindfulness, considering each choice as a step towards your future.
  5. Learn and Adapt: Just as I am learning Spanish to integrate into my future home in Mexico, commit to learning something new that aligns with your future goals. This could be a skill, a hobby, or a language that will aid in your transition.
  6. Cultivate Flexibility: The ability to adapt to new circumstances is like the resilience of spring’s first blooms against the lingering chill. Cultivate flexibility in your mindset and actions, allowing you to adjust and thrive amidst change.

Living Fully Between Two Worlds

As I prepare for tomorrow’s teaching trip to Minneapolis I am reminded of the importance of living fully wherever we are, even as we prepare for where we want to be. Transitions, whether they involve relocating to another country or any other significant life change, are as much about the journey as they are about the destination.

Embrace the duality of being present in your current life while preparing for your future. By finding peace and purpose in each moment, we can make our transitions not just bearable but enriching, turning them into pathways of personal growth and discovery.

Let this dual approach be a guide as you navigate your own life changes. Embrace each day with commitment and mindfulness, and let every step forward be taken with intention and joy. The balance of living in the present while anticipating the future is not just a challenge—it’s an opportunity to live deeply, fully, and with renewed purpose. By integrating the teachings of Roberto Assagioli and Milton Erickson, we find powerful metaphors for transformation that can guide us through these periods of change.

Commit to your journey with the fullness of your being and allow the richness of your current experiences to inform and enrich your path forward. This approach doesn’t just prepare us for what comes next; it enhances the quality of our lives now, making every moment count.

Through embracing this lifestyle of deep engagement and mindful transition, we do not merely pass through stages of life; we transform them into a continuous thread of growth and renewal. Let this be your approach as you face each new day and each new challenge on your path to change. Let the light of your commitment shine brightly, guiding you to a future filled with possibilities and a present filled with peace.

With Blessings and Gratitude,
Dr. Mark Arcuri
Santa Fe, NM

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