Election 2020 – We Are One Again!

election 2020Election 2020 – We Are One Again!

Today is a great day! A local radio station here in Santa Fe has been playing Christmas music during our pandemic, and it does feel like Christmas today. People are dancing in the streets! They are gathering in celebration, even wearing masks! It is like someone flipped a switch, and the darkness of the last four years was instantly erased as only the light can. We have truly entered a transition in my country, and indeed in the world.

Thank you, President Biden and Vice President Harris! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You inspired hope in all corners of our country, and indeed throughout the world. Then you motivated people to believe that hope was possible in our country, and you got them to say so with their vote. Today you thrust us into transition – founded in that hope and a belief that we can be different; we can (re)discover our authenticity; we can return to the Oneness that is who we are.

As with any transition, the opportunity now is of being transformed, and that is on Us collectively. And as with any successful transformation, we usually find ourselves returning to old things… but in new ways. Joe and Kamala, as I am confident you would tell us to address you as, you have given us a great gift. Godspeed to you both and to all of us as we navigate this journey. Together.

Today We Are One!

With blessings and gratitude,
from Santa Fe, NM

Dr Mark Arcuri
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