A New Year, A New Language, A New Home

I’ve started to study Spanish. Again. On my most recent trip to Mexico in December I looked at some beautiful new homes and launched the manifesting energy to make a purchase. As always once launched the manifesting takes off! The Universe has been arranging things to support me at warp speed. The most powerful catalyst to any manifesting, I have learned, is that once I launch the energy — the intention — I must step back and take my mind away from thinking (usually “thinking” means worrying) about how it will come to fruition. Remember, manifesting — no matter what it is you are wanting — is a process of co-creation. You have your role and the Universe has its role. Both must be honored and are crucial to the ultimate expression of what you are asking to have. Unless both players are permitted to play their parts — you and the Universe — the manifestation cannot come to be as the truest expression of your intention. So what exactly is your role in the co-creative process of manifesting? Well, there are two. One is your role of Inaction and the other is your role of Action. Your role of Inaction is simple: Allow the energy to keep moving; more bluntly, get out of the way! The Universe already knows how to put things in order so that the final result can come to be. It is ready with the first inkling of your desire to put all of the pieces in place and it will do just that as quickly as you allow it to. In its infinite wisdom the Universe needs not that you to tell it how to bring what you want. Controlling things by meddling, even well intentioned meddling, at best brings the manifesting to a crawl and at worst makes it impossible. Anxiety here is not your friend. Once I made the conscious choice to give up control, to let the Universe work it’s magic on my behalf, I moved on with my Active role. It is always the same: I began arranging my life in such a way that once the house manifests in physical form my life can support keeping it there. So I am actively doing a few things, like learning a new language. I am reorganizing some financial details. I am talking about the new house to everyone I know; indeed, I am showing the videos to everyone who will watch! And I am keeping an open mind. I understand that even though I have the creativity to dream and the power to launch my desires the Universe may very well have a much better plan, bringing me to the same or even better emotional place than this new home will… but in a very different way. If I am going to trust the Universe to play its role in my manifestation then I also have to respect that it could have a much better outcome in store for me. So, as with any intention, I open to it — or something better! With this new year invite you to launch your desires! Then step back from trying to figure out how to make it all happen. Simply keep the flow moving by doing all you feel called to do to make room for your manifestation to take its place in your life. Be aligned with it. Then, sit back and watch the magic happen! ¡Mucho amor y gracias al Universo! With Blessings and Gratitude, from Santa Fe, New Mexico
Dr Mark Arcuri
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