To Dream or Not to Dream 1I haven’t had a lot of dreams lately but the ones I have had have been emotionally-laden and indicative of transitions with the potential for deep transformation. Sometimes I gauge how well I have slept by whether I remember even remnants of a dream; I know that dreaming happens in the deepest stages of sleep for the most part—those same parts that are required to awaken refreshed—and sometimes I worry that if I haven’t dreamt I haven’t had a good night’s sleep.

It’s important to remember, though, that the purpose of dreams is to guide us in our waking life. Dreams often offer clues when decision-making is in the air. Or insights into things we might do well to spend more time pondering. Sometimes dreams “jolt” us into action by scaring us a bit; you might call that a nightmare but I call it a transformational dream. And still others are just soothing feel-good respites that come seemingly when we need them most.

And when we don’t dream at all I find that it doesn’t mean I have not gotten a restful sleep. It simply means that the recent dreams I have had are still doing their work. There is no need to add another layer through new dreams. Just yet. All is well.

No matter what kind of dreams you are used to having, or whether you have been dreaming or not, remember that the dreams you have are each important in their way, and within those dreams it is what you remember that is most important of all. Few of us remember dreams in their totality and we don’t need to. Sometimes we feel good after a dream and sometimes we feel angst. We may not be sure why. Sometimes we go for long stretches without a memory of a dream at all. Be assured that your psyche ensures that you will get what we need, when need it, and in the most effective way.

Keep a notepad next to your bed, or if you have a phone or Apple Watch that you keep nearby at night download a recording app. As soon as you awaken, even if you are still groggy, note whatever you do remember. And ponder those bits during the day. Try not to put meaning on them, simply keep them present in your mind so that they can do what they need to on a less conscious level.

Your work is simply to nurture their being as best you can. Using dreams to your benefit doesn’t need to be work, in fact they are most effective when you simply allow them to move around in you and flow. Give it a try this week!

With gratitude and blessings for abundance, in all ways,
from Querétaro, MX
Dr Mark Arcuri

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