I Have a Dream! 1Today is Martin Luther King Day here in the United States. It’s a Federal Holiday but not all celebrate. It’s not his actual birthday, either. We like to make holidays convenient 🙂

It’s hard to imagine life in the US and many other places in the world without the influence of this great man. The photograph here, taken at the Grand Canyon (Arizona) reminds me of Dr. King. He often spoke of the promised land and how, while he might not get there with them, his followers would get there so long as they believed. Indeed, he didn’t get to the promised land with his followers. One might say he got there first.

Leaders, anyone on the leading edge, often do not make it to the physical place they imagine. When one’s thoughts and dreams are far ahead of those around them the climb can be long and arduous.

But true leaders push on nonetheless.

Every one of us is a leader. As we connect to the energy of change through our visioning and allow the universe to help manifest those dreams into reality, we will always encounter those who disbelieve and those who would thwart our efforts. We have to remember that their disbelief or motivations to divert us are borne of their own inability to envision what they wish to have.

The good news is that consciousness creates reality and as Viktor Frankl taught us no person, society, or any other force can dictate what we choose to hold in our mind, or tell us what we must give up. We persevere not for the sake of climbing the stone path. There need not be pain for great gain. We climb because we believe in what we hold in our hearts and have faith that the climb will take us to its truest expression.

And when we believe in what we hold in our hearts, and have faith in our ability to manifest it, there is never a reason to let it go. Indeed, like Dr. King, we may not get to the promised land in our physical life but when we hold a passionate vision in our consciousness we can live each day as if we had gotten there, and be fulfilled. The goal is no longer to get there.

What do you hold close in your heart? What is that vision? How might you live into it just a bit more today?

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With lots of love and gratitude
from Santa Fe, NM,
Dr Mark

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