New Day, Same Opportunity 1Today is a new day. While no doubt it will be full of experiences that are pretty routine, there is also a brand new opportunity—brand new despite that it happens everyday. The opportunity is to ask yourself a simple question as you start the day, the answer to which can have profound consequences.

A few years ago I was feeling rather confused. I was faced with decisions, not unlike today, and asking my inner guidance for Its advice while I contemplated things on my own. My inner guidance is always easy to listen to. All I have to do is quiet myself enough to ask for Its perspective on things and the responses come. I write them down, stream of consciousness style, and after five minutes or so — that’s all it takes — I review what I’ve written, sometimes unaware what it even was until I read it all.

On that day my inner guidance said something profound, and I’ve carried it with me since. I do it personally on a regular basis, and teach it to clients as well. Remember, our inner guidance is a universal presence. So, what’s good for me is good for you as well!

The teaching was simple. “If you want to make good decisions,” I heard, “then ask yourself, ‘What would it take for this day to stand out among others?’, and, do that!”

It’s a simple question as I said but life-changing. For me and for my clients as well. Why not give it a try? Take a moment now to contemplate the day ahead and ask yourself the simple question: “What would it take for this day to stand out among others?”

Then, Do That!

Just a short blog entry today, I feel what I’ve given you goes way beyond the words so try it out and see what you get! And I suggest you consider making a habit of it, each morning. You may surprised at the answer you find each day, and you will be astonished at the results when you follow through.

With blessings and great gratitude
from Santa Fe, NM
Dr Mark

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Dr Mark Arcuri
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