Why is Authenticity Important, Anyway?

Dr Mark - Why is Authenticity Important, Anyway imageMore than once a prospective coaching client has asked why the focus of my work is on one’s authenticity and the journey to allowing that sense of Self — the magic in your life as I wrote in A Life Aligned — to come through. Why is it so important? The answer is always the same although the question gets asked in many different ways.

I start by telling a story of my own journey, of how I was born into a world that on so many levels wanted me to be different from who I was. About how the people who were closest to me in my earliest years colluded with that world and tried to mold me into someone I was not, someone who suited them. I tell of the struggles along the way and of the gifts in finding the solutions to those struggles, which gave me glimpses of my authentic self and strengthened my desire to completely embrace the journey back to myself. And of how amazing it has been to reconnect, through it all, to who I really am.

It doesn’t take long to tell my story, though I could embellish it if given the time. The point comes through early on: If you allow your authentic self to remain elusive, and you choose instead to live your life reasonably happy perhaps but in the shadow of well-meaning others who created you in their image — you abdicate the gifts that your authentic self bear for you and for those around you. Indeed, the universe cannot be all that it is destined to be without the gifts that only your authentic self can bear.

This might feel like an enormous responsibility. It is! But remember that it is a responsibility to Your self, first, and in carrying it out you will be transformed and all other Beings benefit from it as well. We are indeed One.

Usually by the time I finish my story the questioner has more questions, but more often than not they are already convinced that the journey is a worthwhile one. It is my passion to lead people on that journey and I am honored whenever someone expresses interest.

Do you have questions of your own? Shoot them my way! Perhaps download my free 8 Days to Authenticity program at https://drmarkarcuri.com/free-downloads/.  Whatever you consider as the right way to approach it for you, take the journey back to who you really are. Gratitude will be the least of what you will celebrate in return.

With my blessings and great gratitude
from Maui, Hawai’i,
Dr Mark

Dr Mark Arcuri
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