Of Challenges and Puzzles and (re)Discovery

Of Challenges and Puzzles and (re)Discovery 1How many of you find yourself challenged on what seems to be a daily basis? I sure know that I do! Whether it’s the logistics of getting everything to fit in that needs time, or dealing with the wants of others, a fish tank with a mysterious leak that turns out to be nothing after taking tons of time (happened to me this week!), or just getting too far away from the all imperative Self Care, life has a way of throwing curves just at the moments of the greatest overwhelm.

Never welcome, but just maybe important! Is that possible? Have you ever wondered if there’s a point to it all? I have… and I have learned that there is!You see, we all face challenges. But every one of them — without exception — is an opportunity to pick up another piece of the puzzle of who we really are through the approach we take to solving them. Our true self, our nature, is so easy to lose; from the day we are born we get deprogrammed by well-meaning folks who think we need them to show us what life is all about, and by the time we’re old enough to think for ourselves we’ve bought into the life that the others have created for us — and forgotten who we came into this world to be.

The good news? As we go along and face crises and other challenges, and solve them however we may, we get more and more pieces to a puzzle that we can assemble, and the chance to (re)Discover who we were born to be.

  • Do you face challenges head on? Chances are that your true nature has strong leadership qualities even if they have been quashed by the teachers in your life. You take risks because you know that enough of them will pay off.
  • Do you right away look for others to help? Maybe your true nature has a flavor of a “no need to reinvent the wheel” perspective; very valuable indeed! You know where to spend your energy and attention and where you don’t need to! You know that very few problems are so unique that no one else has already solved them.
  • Do you wrack your brain in search for an answer before going to someone for help? You’re probably inquisitive, inventive, self-reflective, leading edge perhaps, and independent, but also willing to ask for help when you need it.

How do you approach challenges and what might your usual approach say about your true self? These are the sorts of things I talk about with clients everyday.

Join in the conversation in the Comments below and share your thoughts and perspectives! And watch for a Facebook Live in a few days where we can discuss this more!

With Blessings and Gratitude,
From Santa Fé, New México
Dr. Mark

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