5 Empowering Ways to Approach Coronavirus

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I was reading an article this morning that reminded me of how important it is to consider Coronavirus in a broader context. As someone who believes that all experiences are opportunities for growth, I see this pandemic as no different. But I had forgotten just how important it is to understand the learning regardless of the literal ways the virus might affect my life.

You can see the short article I read here: https://news.cgtn.com/news/2020-03-02/Answer-Bank-How-integrative-medicine-helps-in-COVID-19-treatment–OwMEVIrznq/index.html. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a system that treats the whole person. Western Medicine, on the other hand, treats an illness and its symptoms. In a sense, the person is only the carrier in Western Medicine. Practitioners of TCM see the person and his or her world as the source.

There is little argument that Western Medicine is superior to TCM at treating serious, acute conditions for which it is prepared. Evidence also shows that it’s not very good at preventing or treating chronic illnesses although it could be prepared to do so. Western Medicine has the knowledge, but it operates from a philosophy that makes it difficult to use all its knowledge, instead preferring to treat illness in lieu of fostering wellness. Lest I be pounced on, things are thankfully changing! But Western Medicine isn’t quite there yet. 

TCM and Coronavirus

We have a lot to learn from TCM when addressing Coronavirus. TCM would stress the importance of a biopsychosocialspiritualenvironmental approach – bio, psycho, social, spiritual, and environmental. Five factors of equal importance that must be considered now that Coronavirus is part of our lives. The underlying theory is that we (we as individual, as a society, doesn’t matter… all is One) are out of balance. We are in a state of disharmony. Coronavirus, like any other successful intruder, is an opportunistic symptom of broader dis-ease. Our work, then, is to restore harmony. When we do that, we enhance our own resilience and we do our part to bring greater resilience to the world.

Biopsychosocialspiritualenvironmental healing approach

There is value in breaking out each factor and examining how you are doing in each area (keep in mind that these are not neat categories, each affects the others and thus forms an intricate and wholistic web; and that’s the point!):

  1. Bio, or biological – what are you doing, or can you do, to shore up your body and immune system to be in its best condition possible? Things to think about: Nutrition, movement, hygiene, sleep, medical attention of your choice as needed.
  2. Psych, or psychological – overall stress and mood management.
  3. Social – harmony in relationships, at work, at play.
  4. Spiritual – prayer or other contemplative practices, mindfulness, soul nourishment, giving and receiving.
  5. Environmental – Cleanliness and sanitary practices, harmony in the home and at work, attention to bringing in elements that are pleasing to all five senses in our various spaces, care for the environment in gratitude for what it gives us.

These are just thoughts and not all-inclusive; you can fill in the factors as you wish. Some of my clients and are working on mapping each factor out on paper to see how we’re doing and making adjustments as we feel so called.

Coronavirus can be seen as a reminder of the importance in examining our lives from a biopsychosocialspiritualenvironmental perspective. We are thus empowered to build resilience that can carry us through this pandemic and to help mitigate the effects of any other disharmonious experience with which we may be faced in any of the biopsychosocialspiritualenvironmental areas. And once empowered, we cannot be a victim to any!

Disharmony can only exist where disharmony first exists

Disharmony can only exist where disharmony first exists. To the degree that we bring all aspects of our lives into harmony, we help to ensure that only harmony is our daily experience, and in the world around us.

Thoughts? Comment below! Want personal guidance getting started? Consider transformational coaching: https://drmarkarcuri.com/coaching.

With blessings and gratitude, and in harmony
from Santa Fe, NM,
Dr Mark

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