As the Sun Sets on 2019… 1 Awesome Way to Start the Decade

Dr Mark Arcuri New Year 2020 Blog ImageAs the Sun Sets on 2019… 1 Awesome Way to Start the Decade

It’s about this time of the year, every year, that clients old and new grab a session and start thinking through plans for the new year. Language like ‘resolutions’ and ‘promises’ come to the fore, usually laden with baggage of what they were taught those words mean. Too often they carry with them a burden of shoulds and musts that set them up for failure from the start. So my clients and I begin by digging a bit deeper into their intentions so that we can set a new stage for success.

Although I read an article recently that People Can’t Even Agree On When The Decade Ends I’m of a camp that says it’s this week. Likewise, there’s no one right way to approach the new year. The hopes and dreams are noble and most of the time they deserve fulfillment.

I usually dissuade people from using conventional labels in favor of something like New Year Commitments. And that’s worked pretty well in the past but the word ‘commitments’ still triggered some. In a conversation recently I talked about making New Year’s Adjustments this year, and a quick survey of a dozen clients helped me see that this could be a solution.

Life is about collected data. Our experiences provide rich information about what’s working and what’s not. And based on those data, which I translate into how I feel in a situation, I can make changes–adjustments–for what I will do more of in the year to come and want I might do differently.

My New Year’s Eve ritual is straightforward. I spend it on my own and spend some good time in meditation and reflection. Plenty of time to celebrate the New Year with others as it gets underway; the Eve itself is my time!

I consider the year past and what the data tell me about what I’ve experienced. I listen for signs of what adjustments I might make: Might I organize my days differently? Explore other avenues to reach my audience? Spend differently? Perhaps more? A change in my wellness routine? In relationships near and far? The possibilities are defined only by what the data tell me are those most important to consider.

As 2019 comes to a close, I invite you to consider the data you’ve gotten over the past year.

  • Start with how you feel overall: Do you feel satisfied? Content? Challenged? Unhappy? Depleted? Fulfilled? Challenged? Content? Joyful? Sad? Grateful? Or, mad?
  • Then, ask yourself, “What might I do this year to feel something else — or more of the same?” What adjustments might you consider making?
  • As the year gets underway, take each, one at a time, and put it into practice.
  • And continue to collect data and make further adjustments as you go.

What you’re connecting with is your authentic self. When the data feel good, you’re plugged in. When they don’t you’re not. Simple adjustments are all it takes to keep you connected to your authenticity and living from that authenticity in 2020 and beyond! And the more authentic you live, the fewer adjustments there will be to make. Authenticity tends to perpetuate itself. It’s the one gift that truly keeps giving.

New Year’s Adjustments. They’re guaranteed to turn 2020 into your year of (re)Discovery and fulfillment! Won’t you give them a try this new year?

Let us know your experiences below, or send us a note now!

With blessings and gratitude,
Dr Mark Arcuri
from Imperial Beach, CA US

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