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Dr Mark's Musings - Cool mirrors and lights over a restaurant booth table in Lake Havasu, ArizonaI have been redoing my website ( page by page over the past few weeks and I must say I really like it! It is a perpetual work in motion and I love that I can jump in and make the changes myself. Check it out! So I look at it a lot and see how various elements feel and make seemingly constant modifications as I am inspired by the moment, by what’s going on around me, and by the people I encounter.

Today when I was looking for some inspiration for a blog my new tagline on the home page jumped out at me: All of Life’s Challenges — Even the Toughest Ones — Hold the Secrets to Your Extraordinary Fulfillment! How true that is!

If you’ve followed my videos and writing over time you know that I have been working on a new book, Paradise (re)Discovered, and you will recognize that the tagline is the book’s central theme. No matter what we experience in life and no matter how tough it may be, the experience is exactly where the keys to our authentic self lie. And when we accept the experience as the bearer of such a great gift even challenges become welcome and infinitely more manageable. You see, the universe co-conspires with us to always manifest what we need at every juncture in our life. And when we see and take the gifts that are given, life truly becomes joyous and fulfilling, and we become ever-expanding.

I needed to see this message today and I trust you did as well. The greater the challenge, the bigger the gift, the more important the key. And the closer you are to your authenticity. Your work, and it can be work sometimes, is to see yourself in the mirror of your experiences and to learn from what you see.

So, tweak your Being such that you see less of what you don’t like so much and see more of what you really love. What you love about yourself is always there for the noticing. As you do this, as you see more and more of who you really are, you move further and further along on your path of (re)Discovery.

Share you stories! I love responding to them when appropriate and everyone in our community benefits from seeing them no matter what!

With much love and gratitude
from Santa Fe, NM
Dr Mark

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