7 Priceless Gifts This Holiday Season, That Don’t Cost a Cent

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The holidays can be hard enough without adding unnecessary pressures. For many, gift-giving becomes less an act of showing gratitude and wanting to do something nice for someone, and more act born of obligation that quickly becomes meaningless and adds stress to the season. Recently I came across a fantastic article about how one family dealt with this (worth a read!: How we turned our family’s holiday gift exchange into a chance to really connect)

Barring something so dramatic and potentially life-changing, a tall order for many of us, here’s our top 7 for your consideration this year. Let us know what you think! I guarantee that if you trade just one of these for the obligations this year, your life will be transformed! And so will the life of another. And isn’t that what gift-giving is really all about? 😊

A Smile – Smile at someone you know or, better yet, a stranger. No words exchanged, no explanation required. Just smile and go on your way.

A Thought – As powerful as a smile but a thought can be given anyplace, anytime, even when you’re by yourself! No-one has to see it happen to unleash its power.

An Intention – Related to a thought but easier still. Set an intention. Say a prayer. Direct it toward someone, the planet, or anything in-between. Write it down, tuck it away, and watch it manifest! No more required

Knowledge – Volunteer some time. Teach something you know. At a library? A Community Center? A school? You pick the place, offer your topic, and gather them ’round.

Humor – Tell a joke. Share a funny story. Did it happen to you? All the better!

Listen – To someone. Anyone. Just listen. Hear the story. To listen to someone’s story, and offering nothing more, is a gift likely never forgotten. By either one of you.

And, finally, Set An Example – Of what you want to see more of in the world. Anything. No explanation. No need to call attention to it. Just start living in to what you wish to see, in every way that you can.

We invite you to pick one of these gifts and consciously give it this holiday season. The experience for you and the recipient will be profound! And we’d love to hear about it! Just click here or add a comment below for all to see! 

With blessings and great gratitude,
from Santa Fe, NM, US
Dr Mark

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