Revealed! Top 10 Memorable Challenges SOLVED in 2019

Dr Mark's 2019 Top 10 Challenges blog imageRevealed! Top 10 Memorable Challenges SOLVED In 2019!

As I ponder the year that is quickly coming to a close, I spent a bit of time reflecting on my practice and on the challenges my clients and I solved most during this past year. I do this every year so Carlos and I can best plan for the year ahead in our early-year meetings and so that we can be in a mindset to attract the most perfect clients and venues in the months to come.

Our primary goal always is that our work is mutually beneficial to all. We know that when there is balance the miracles that are already around us come through with ease and grace!

This year I decided to share the list as our Top 10 of 2019 with you. While these are not rank ordered (they all came up too frequently for that!) these particular things seemed to be in the daily conversations, and often in multiples at a time. While the list looks fairly diverse at a glance, there’s really a common thread: The disconnection from whom one really is, separation from the divine-given authentic self. A state of disconnection from what I call, Paradise.

Here’s what was most present in 2019:

  1. Life is okay, but I feel like I lost myself along the way.
  2. I find I’m pulling back from people I’ve known for years, and they’re noticing. I’m not sure what’s wrong; is anything wrong?
  3. I have goals and even an idea of how to get there, but something keeps me stuck.
  4. I’m gay (LBTQx) and I’m out, but now I feel like I’m coming out all over again just to really be myself!
  5. My physical health is declining and there’s no good reason….
  6. I feel so anxious all the time; I don’t want medication!
  7. I’m a pretty upbeat person; why do I feel depressed these days?
  8. How do I bring the “me” back to “us” and is it okay?
  9. My _________ (family, friends, partner) don’t get that I need time to myself.
  10. How do I know if I’m being authentic to who I really am? Is it about finding some meaning or something?

So, I decided to present this Top 10 here to see which resonates with you, and for the first 10 weeks of the new year we’ll take one at a time and work it through here in our Transformational Tips Newsletter. I’m leaning toward doing this with a weekly video inserted into the newsletter but I’m still unsure about that (what do you think? Cast your vote!). Either way, each of the Top 10 will be the focus of one Transformational Tips Newsletter during the first 10 weeks of the new year starting on 6 January 2020.

Which of these resonates? (or, perhaps, was your greatest challenge in 2019 something else? Let us know and we’ll solve it after the 10 weeks are up!)

Send a note here now and let us know how we can make this new year mini coaching experience as relevant to your journey as it has been for our clients and us during 2019!

With blessings and great gratitude,
Dr Mark
from Santa Fe, NM US

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