The Power of the Tapestry of Diversity

I am feeling grateful this morning to be back in Querétaro, México among great friends and a people whose food and culture and love of life that I feel privileged to experience when I am here. While I come here often each trip feels like a journey anew, with new sights and sounds and smells

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A Recipe for Living 2019

A Recipe for Living – Vernal Equinox, Super Moon, Sugar Moon!

Are you ready to allow the sweetness in your transformations no matter how challenging they might be? Let the sugar moon inspire you with its reminder that even from the cracking, splitting bark of the maple, nourishing sweetness flows! Want to hear more? Listen in! To submit comments and questions in advance for future episodes

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Welcome Super Snow Moon, for Virgo and the Rest of Us!

Tomorrow at 8:53 AM Mountain Standard time here in the US we usher in the 2019 Super Snow Moon. Infinitely more powerful for the Virgos among us, this moon is an opportunity for all of us to harness Virgo energy for organization and other aspects of project management, and endurance — mental and otherwise. When

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