All Truly Is Well

We live in interesting times, no doubt. Their expression is different around the world but the roots are the same: Intolerance and Arrogance. Intolerance of those different from ourselves, and the arrogance in thinking that others should be like us. It’s nothing new and probably won’t go away anytime soon. It is important to remember, though,

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The Greatest Tragedy

There is not one of us who is better than the worst we see in others. The immigrant? He is all of us. The criminal? She too. Gay? Jew? Black? Muslim? Christian? Atheist? (the list goes on) We are all them and every one of them is us. With every bit of bashing and bigotry

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“But It’s Hard!”

I was in one of the natural markets in town this morning, we in Santa Fe are fortunate to have several from which to choose. I had already decided on a sandwich for lunch so I headed for the bread section where there is just one brand that I will buy — One Degree Organic

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