One New Year, 365 New Opportunities!

One New Year, 365 New Opportunities! 1Happy New Year 2019! It’s a beautiful snowy day here in Santa Fe today. The third storm in a week but the first that I’ve been home for. The first thing I did yesterday was shovel out from the prior storms. And today, watching the new snow fall, a glass of wine, and finding the most inspirational movies on Netflix. And writing this blog.

New Year’s Eve was quiet here with a winter storm underway. A great time to reflect on the year past and think about all I will manifest in the year ahead. I have much to be thankful for, many changes that weren’t necessarily welcome in the moment but brought untold blessings in reflection. It’s always that way, isn’t it? It’s so easy to let ego and anxiety and monkey mind take hold when in the midst of things; we lose perspective. But given a little time, distance, and the desire and willingness to step back, it’s also relatively easy to get back on track.

As the new year begins to unfold, snow falling just like it did last year, I am reminded that all of life is a continuum and sometimes happens with an intensity that can only inspire me to see unlimited opportunities ahead. I recognize that just as every snowflake is distinct and takes its own place as it falls, the days ahead offer unlimited opportunities for transformative experiences.

But we have to see them, collect them, and we have to nurture them so they don’t simply melt away. The same is true for each new day.

I’m not much for new year resolutions. I think they’ve gotten a bad rap and have lost any real meaning. Sometimes it’s best to reframe something than to try to salvage it. I prefer new year commitments. Obligations of sorts, things that I just can’t not do. Commitments carry more weight for me than resolutions. And I’m much less likely to break them.

So my commitment this year is to see each new day as a snowflake. Each different than all the others and a brand new opportunity to Be, Do, and Have something unlike any before.

So each day, though part of a continuum that is your life, is a brand new moment. A canvas on which you can paint anything you might conceive. If you are willing to make the commitment to take out the paint set and create what it is you desire.

What is your commitment? What can’t you not Be, Do, and Have this year?

Experiment with this in 2019. The benefits will be too numerous to list!

With lots of love and gratitude
from Santa Fe, New Mexico,
Dr Mark

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Dr Mark Arcuri
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