I was in one of the natural markets in town this morning, we in Santa Fe are fortunate to have several from which to choose. I had already decided on a sandwich for lunch so I headed for the bread section where there is just one brand that I will buy — One Degree Organic Foods — because it has no sugar added and several variety from which to choose. I chose a flax and spelt loaf and moved on until, a few aisles over, I noticed the markdown area. Never one to pass up a bargain I zeroed in on the exact same loaf of bread for half the price. So I grabbed it and put the original loaf back.

When I checked out the cashier mis-entered the sale price and the register would not accept it. While she figured out the problem we were talking and I mentioned that I choose the bread because it is the only brand with no sugar added. She commented that her solution to finding healthier bread options was to simply cut it out altogether. “I find that cooking up a sweet potato satisfies the same urge.” She was right, of course, and I agreed that doing so was a good idea. I went on to say, though, “But it’s hard.”

As I left the store my declaration stuck with me. I thought about how I jump all over clients and even friends and family who say that. “Nothing is hard,” I tell them, “but might perceive it that way. And then, it becomes as if that’s true.” I then talk about how their perception is under their control and completely changeable.

When I got home I couldn’t wait to have my sandwich! I got out the chicken, mayonnaise, some cheese, and sliced the tomato (all organic, by the way!), and opened the bag of bread — only to find that the loaf was completely molded! Feeling deeply disappointed I even looked for a slice deep in the middle of loaf. But, no dice. No sandwich was to be had but I did enjoy my lunch, all the ingredients tossed in a bowl, a few capers added. It was wonderful! And, no bread.

I thought for a moment. How hard is it really? Perhaps the universe is challenging me to see just how hard I can make giving up bread. And from this I decided: I have given up bread. Certainly it is a healthy choice; there are far better ways to get grains in my diet.

And now it’s time for a margarita. Don’t know if I’d make that hard to give up; but, I don’t want to find out!

What do you make hard in your life? Care to take the challenge with me to experience whatever it is differently?

With Blessings and Gratitude,
from Santa Fe, New Mexico

Dr Mark Arcuri
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