Revelations of a New Moon 1Just about a month ago we had a spectacular Full Moon: An epic combination of Super Moon with a superimposed total Lunar Eclipse; a meteor even collided with the moon during the eclipse!  A rare event all around by any measure.  Over the past few weeks the Super Moon faded away only to be overtaken by darkness that today begins to remit in order for the light to shine once again.  A New Moon has begun to emerge and with it, over time, new light in the darkness.

It is the Divine plan that the universe works this way.  Without the contrast of darkness we could not appreciate or even see the light.  In a metaphoric sense this reverberates throughout our human experience: Darkness permeates our Being sometimes, often to the core of our soul.  But even in those dark moments, the light — while perhaps outside of view — is still there.  We have faith in that fact through an inner knowing, and in time — in perfect time — the light is revealed again.  With the return of light we are gifted with a period of new revelations.

With our new experience of the light comes new revelations that only the contrast of darkness can allow.  And so it is with the New Moon as it emerges over the next few weeks. Until the cycle repeats for all of time.

We can use this time in many ways; there is no right or wrong way to connect with the light and its revelations.  What I like to do first is to give thanks for the darkness for the contrast it provides.  Whether it be literally when the moon falls dark or with any darkness I may experience in my life, I always look for a way to embrace it, anticipate the contrast it is providing, and then give thanks for the clarity that I faith will emerge as it passes and light once again emerges.

Second, I like to metaphorically create a space for the light to return.  Usually I pick a candle and put it in a place where I will see it often during the day.  I might even carry a picture of a candle if I am traveling. It does not need to be lit; the candle itself connects me with the energy of light.

Third, when the light returns, I again give thanks: This time for the new revelations it will bring.

For this third step, my 8 Days to Authenticity e-Workbook is a great model to follow!  Go ahead and download it here, Free. (you will need to enter your email but if you’re already on our list you won’t get double-subscribed to anything)  Use it over the next week as a way to gather information and shed new light on your life in the spirit of the New Moon underway!  Even if you’ve done it before you can do it again and the results will be new for you.  I designed it that way.

I wish you powerful revelations with the New Moon underway!

And scroll down and let us know your experience, comments, and questions!

With blessings and gratitude
from Santa Fe, NM,
Dr Mark.

Dr Mark Arcuri
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