Responsibility? Response-ability!

Responsibility? Response-ability! 1As I look around my home office this morning I see things I love. Photographs of places I have been, other mementos of these places. My vision board, which is on target but I’m also aware it needs some updating. A copy of A Life Aligned that I’m working with for a current project for you. A couple of pieces of dried wood from the Jemez Mountains. Bulletin boards with ongoing projects. Some plants. I’ve got humidifier going with a bit of scent of tea tree oil to keep the air pure. It’s a great space and I value that I can work here!

There is also a small pile of papers that need attention right now. It’s this last little pile that leaves me feeling a bit uneasy this morning. It’s pulling on me like my cat, Lola, when she knows it’s snack time… that subtle yet persistent nudge that ever so slowly increases in frequency and intensity until I get the job done.

The papers really had to be dealt with last week. But the Universe has been gentle with me. You see, what they are related to doesn’t inspire me much these days and the Universe allowed me to let my procrastination kick in full steam. It’s amazing how efficient I can be with procrastination! It started with, “I’ll do it tomorrow, there’s still plenty of time.” Then, “It’s snowing so I can’t go to the post office anyway, so I’ll do it tomorrow.” And then it was Sunday and the post office was closed, and besides it continued to snow. The papers never did get taken care of and now I’m sitting here on my rubber ball, writing a blog, Vivaldi playing on the iPad, and looking for the inspiration to write that is so easy to find just looking around.

But among all the inspiring things I see, I also see that pile of papers and my energy zaps out like a bee that as laid on its sting and is flying off for dear life!

I realize that once this blog is finished I really do need to take care of the papers. And once the sun is out and the roads clear I can meander to the post office and send them off.

It all reminds me that no matter what’s in front of me I have the responsibility to take care of things even when they really don’t inspire me all that much.

When responsibility sometimes feels like a burden, I like to reframe it. I like to instead call it response-ability — the ability to respond. While responsibility is indeed a drain, sometimes. response-ability is super empowering!

Response-ability reminds me that no matter how I feel or what I think, or in some cases what my resources might be, I have the response-ability to handle anything. No matter what needs attention, and what I think and feel about getting it done, I am able to respond. Right here. Right now. And with whatever resources I may have.

So when you are confronted with things this week that you feel less than enthused about, and you will be, consider your response-ability and go forth! I wish I had done that with this pile of papers last week but I will do it as soon as this blog is posted.

Scroll down and let us know what it was like for you!

With lots of love and gratitude
from Santa Fe, NM,
Dr Mark

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