La Peña, My Role Model For 2018 1I was first gifted with an introduction to “La Peña” in 2014 when I travelled to México to officiate Carlos’ and Victor’s wedding. A friend-to-be took a group of us on a trip to Bernal and we had breakfast at a hotel whose dining room overlooked the rock. I remember being intrigued by her mystery and awed by her majesty. Something has drawn me back for a few more visits and La Peña has become by go-to for inspiration when I am in Querétaro. I particularly love the fly-bys when landing and departing the airport.

Over the years I have come to understand a bit about her “attitude.” She cares not what is going on in the world and for the most part those things do not affect her. She stands tall and strong, conscious only of being who and what she is. She holds steadfast to those things that matter and gracefully declines attachment to things that do not.

As 2018 unfolds and I reflect on a year’s passing and anticipate the year to come I am reminded of the beauty, resilience, and perpetual gifts of La Peña. At 433 meters she is one of the tallest monoliths in the world. At least 9 million years old, she stood long before any of us was conceived and undoubtedly she will continue to stand long after we are gone. She welcomes all who come to visit without prejudice. She offers a chapel at her peak to those who care for a hike and wish to rest awhile.

She serves as a role model in these troubling times and as I contemplate the new year I resolve to be more like La Peña in 2018.

Although there is much to be concerned about in the world I am reminded that La Peña simply rises above. She stays strong. She projects an unwavering presence confident in who she is. She never bends or changes who she is. And she asks only that others be and do the same.

Like La Peña my best response in this new year is to rise above, stand tall and strong, be who I am, and lead by example, knowing that in the end those who do so will prevail. This may seem easier said than done but when I remember that my consciousness creates my reality I also remember that creating a better world in 2018 is as easy as my next thought. Alignment really is that easy and powerful.

Will you join me?

Happy New Year 2018! May your strength abound.

With Blessings and Gratitude,
From Santa Fé, New México
Dr. Mark

Dr Mark Arcuri
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