The Most Important Question 1Monday afternoons are always an interesting mix of energy for me. The ending of a new day is superimposed on the beginning of a new week. “It’s Monday already?”, is replaced with anticipation for the days ahead. Carlos and I launched our Holiday Detox for January this morning (a GREAT program that we’re excited to share!) and we moved forward with solidifying our plans for Transformational Life Guidance into the year.

There’s a lot happening and much of it traverses into unknown territory. It’s a perfect metaphor for a Monday; moving out of the comfort zone of the weekend and full steam into the week ahead.

Something I always find helpful to start the week is to imagine the week as a clean slate. Sure, I have my calendar and it’s well-mapped out. But before I even look at it I ask myself a question: “What is the one thing that I can’t not do this week?” It’s an awkward question grammatically and it’s supposed to be. Like the picture to the left here, which I took in St Mark’s Square in Venice, it takes a bit of thought to get through it. And thought is the point.

From this clean slate perspective my answer this week was that I can’t not explore a new outlet that was suggested last week for my work. Admitting that I “can’t not” do it kind of puts me on the spot. I have to do it, and I did. I sent the email and with anticipation I await the next steps. I’m also excited as I imagine sharing it with you when I can. Tomorrow, Carlos will send more emails in another new direction.

When I start the week this way I never get to the point where by Friday I feel like the week got away from me with obligations while something very important to me went undone. I used to feel that way all time! Not anymore.

What is it that you can’t not do this week? SCROLL DOWN and let us know! The accountability of putting it in writing and out to the universe supercharges it even more!

With lots of love and gratitude
from Santa Fe, New Mexico
Dr Mark

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