Let Go the Old Now or the Universe Will Do it for You! (and you don’t want that!)

Let Go the Old Now or the Universe Will Do it for You! (and you don’t want that!) 1I’ve been gifted with the opportunity let go of a few things this past year — some people, places, and things. I didn’t see most of these as gifts at the start; in most cases they caught me by surprise. But I went along reluctantly, as if I had a choice, and soon realized as I grew through the experiences that with every one of these transitions came an opportunity far greater than any angst I might have paid as the price.

Each took a bit of time, but I held my faith that the Universe always has my back. The Universe is so loyal, in fact, that even when I resisted making some of these changes I knew would benefit me in the end, it conspired to make them happen anyway. Those were the ones that hurt the most because seeming chaos erupted. But they were also the ones that paid off the most by far.

When we don’t make changes we need to make, the Universe has a habit of benevolently upending our lives to push us along.

But from the chaos comes order.

From the darkness comes light.

Change is inevitable.

We’re ever-evolving Be-ings, and as such the outward expression of our lives must shift to match our inner reality. But with change come a void, an empty space. At least for a little while. Nature and the Universe don’t like emptiness and there’s the beauty in it. They quickly fill the void and therein lie the gifts.

Let Go the Old Now or the Universe Will Do it for You! (and you don’t want that!) 2
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When we create change — and space — proactively, and with intention, the transition period feels far more exciting than when through our ambivalence or unwillingness to grow we let the Universe impose change instead. It’s always a much smoother process when we take the reins.

As the year-end draws near, with the Winter Solstice underway, light comes from darkness and the inner rumblings of renewal begin to emerge. How will you honor your ever evolving Be-ing with intentional change that creates the space for new things to take root?

Here’s something to try so you can nurture change rather than fall victim to it:

  • Put a piece of paper and a pencil on your nightstand tonight and in the morning jot down one sentence — what people, places, or things could be different today to better match who you really are?
  • Carry the paper with you and take a look at it periodically throughout the day.
  • In the evening put it back on the nightstand and review it last thing before drifting off to sleep. What shifted related to this today?
    Carry those thoughts into your sleep.
  • The next morning repeat the process. If things shifted enough, write out a new a statement. If not, re-write the same one.
  • Do this for 7 days exactly and watch what happens!

Scroll down and let us know. Share your wisdom and experiences to ramp up their power in the Universe!

With lots of love and gratitude
from Ridge, New York,
Dr Mark

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