Dr Mark's Musings

With Gratitude I Witness This New Day As It Unfolds

The past five days have been rather tumultuous to say the least. And as most upheavals will do, the events have affected my personal as well as business selves. For some time now I have felt called to make a clearer statement about my true intentions for my work. I’m fortunate to be in a work

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A New Year, A New Language, A New Home

I’ve started to study Spanish. Again. On my most recent trip to Mexico in December I looked at some beautiful new homes and launched the manifesting energy to make a purchase. As always once launched the manifesting takes off! The Universe has been arranging things to support me at warp speed. The most powerful catalyst to

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Dr. “Call Me Wayne” Dyer

Like many of us I still find myself disbelieving that Wayne Dyer transitioned a week ago. I’m unsure why I disbelieve. As I understand what we call death, we choose our time, method, and location, and I have every expectation that Wayne did just that. I guess my disbelief is more about my own ego

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