It’s My Birthday! Let the Journey Continue…

Dr Mark Arcuri Birthday 2019 Maui ImageHi everyone, today is a special day in my life. My 58th birthday and I can truly say I am healthier, wealthier and wiser for the years. Thanks so much for all the good wishes for the same that have come my way. I am here on the beautiful island of Maui in the state of Hawai’i. Carlos is here with me and another close friend, Randy. Carlos and I have some videos to shoot and otherwise I will be relaxing, reflecting, and appreciating all that I have been gifted with in this lifetime. It is truly a special week underway.

At 58 I’ve learned a lot. And my upcoming Paradise (re)Discovered is what that’s all about. My journey to discover my authentic self as if for the first time has been ongoing for 58 years, of course, but understanding it as a universal journey that we all navigate was born for me on this very island on my second visit about ten years ago. I had been here once before during a particularly tumultuous time in my life and saw her through the eyes of a relationship that allowed anything but my authenticity to shine through. But when I came back ten years ago with Randy I saw Maui through new eyes and reconnected with her — as if for the first time. I had (re)Discovered Paradise. From that experience was born the metaphor that life really is about that opportunity we are all have to go within through our everyday experiences as we interact with our outside world and to rediscover the true essence of our Being… as if for the first time. I have also learned that we create those interactions, perhaps unconsciously, to shape the journey in just the perfect way.

As the week goes on I am sure that the videos we do will reflect the energy and deep sense of knowing that is Paradise (re)Discovered. My intention is to the show through my example the importance of understanding the journey within each of you as well. It is a journey we are all on whether we know it or not, acknowledge it or not, or choose to accept it or not. Paradise (re)Discovered is truly a journey that we uniquely create in order to teach us to find and live into our own authenticity in a new world, a world that does not always know how to support us in obvious ways but always nourishes the drive to authenticity even if through challenges and hardship. All experiences offer the opportunity to gather clues to our authentic self. We co-create every one of those experiences with the universe whether we like to admit it or not. And the clues we are afforded, when assembled, create the picture of who we really are.

Randy asked me last night what my plans were for the year ahead. My task in my 58th year. I said it was to come out from behind the scenes… to be in front of people more… workshops, other gatherings. So much of what I do is behind a computer or a video camera. This year I intend to take it live. That is my authenticity.

So honor me today by honoring yourself, won’t you? What is your driving force for the year ahead? Share in the comments below as the first step and let us support each other on the journey!

With love and gratitude
from Maui, Hawai’i
Dr Mark

Dr Mark Arcuri
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2 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday! Let the Journey Continue…”

  1. Happy Birthday Mark! Mine was July 6…we”re both Cancers and we are having a partial eclipse with this full moon tonight. Enjoy !

    1. Phill thanks so much! And happy, happy to you as well! I will certainly watch to the partial eclipse…. meet you there! And although 6 months late let’s get together when I am back. Be well… 🙂

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