To Dream or Not to Dream

I haven’t had a lot of dreams lately but the ones I have had have been emotionally-laden and indicative of transitions with the potential for deep transformation. Sometimes I gauge how well I have slept by whether I remember even remnants of a dream; I know that dreaming happens in the deepest stages of sleep

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The Power of the Tapestry of Diversity

I am feeling grateful this morning to be back in Querétaro, México among great friends and a people whose food and culture and love of life that I feel privileged to experience when I am here. While I come here often each trip feels like a journey anew, with new sights and sounds and smells

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Do You Know Who Your Relatives Are?

Do you know who your relatives are? As the holidays get into full swing and family obligations take over our lives, how many of us have actually ever met our relatives? Just as they seek to make us in their image when we’re young, we go to great lengths to make them who we want

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