Paradise (re)Discovered

Paradise (re)Discovered – Chapter 1 – The Life of Your Dreams

We always manifest the life of our dreams…. but are you dreaming of the life that you want? Listen in and get re-oriented on your journey of Paradise (re)Discovered! We’ll be working through my new, upcoming book by the same title week by week going forward! It’s an Expansion Extravaganza! CONGRATULATIONS to Anna and David,

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Feelings Are Not Reality, but Your Responses Are!

I say it every day. Usually a few times a day. Sometimes more! “Feelings are not reality!” But it’s a hard sell when a client is having an awful time of it and their feelings feel just as bad. What we often fail to realize, though, is that there is a third variable in the

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La Peña, My Role Model For 2018

I was first gifted with an introduction to “La Peña” in 2014 when I travelled to México to officiate Carlos’ and Victor’s wedding. A friend-to-be took a group of us on a trip to Bernal and we had breakfast at a hotel whose dining room overlooked the rock. I remember being intrigued by her mystery

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