Resilience in Tough Times

Resilience Through Authenticity: 5 Easy Ways

Resilience Through Authenticity: 5 Easy Ways The Fall and Winter holidays are a tough time to be authentic. We often find ourselves pulled to meet others’ expectations, spending beyond our means, participating in ways we would rather not, and maybe biting our tongue a bit more than usual. On the other hand, this time of

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A Recipe for Living – Sunset, Sunrise!

Every sunrise depends on the sunset before. And it can only be as beautiful as we allow the preceding sunset to be! There’s a simple secret to allowing 2019 to be the best year ever. The secret? Acknowledging the beauty and perfection of 2018 no matter how challenging it might have been! An energetic shift

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One New Year, 365 New Opportunities!

Happy New Year 2019! It’s a beautiful snowy day here in Santa Fe today. The third storm in a week but the first that I’ve been home for. The first thing I did yesterday was shovel out from the prior storms. And today, watching the new snow fall, a glass of wine, and finding the

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