Taking My Own Medicine

In a recent FB Live Paradise (re)Discovered discussion* I talked about the importance of embracing all of who we are as we uncover the pieces of our puzzle and I touched briefly on what some call the dark aspects of ourselves, in this context defined as those aspects that we tend to reject or otherwise

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Wisdom Figures to the Rescue! I had a really hard time with today’s blog. My mind has been wandering more than usual and I’ve been way off track. I have some commitments that I promised a week ago and then re-upped last week to have ready for today… and lo and behold when today came, I was at the

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When One Door Closes…

I’ve been having a “thing” with doors lately.  Several weeks ago my front door mechanism broke and it was stuck shut.  Luckily I have a back door I was able to use the garage to get in and out of the house but between my house cleaner and house sitter it was really inconvenient for

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