Vernal Equinox – Your Opportunity for Perfect Balance

This week marks the vernal equinox, an instant in time when light and dark are in near perfect balance, day and night are equal in length, and it is the day when the sun rises precisely in the east and sets precisely in the west. Equinox’s happen twice a year. The vernal equinox marks the

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A Recipe for Living 2019

A Recipe for Living – Always Keep the End in Mind, But…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USjLn3MynP8 Always keep the end in mind so that powerful manifesting can take place, but hold it ever so lightly to leave room for a much better outcome than even you might have imagined!  Listen in, and if you have questions ahead of time scroll down and share them so I can make sure to

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A Recipe for Living – Be Inspired by the Moment!

When we are going with the flow it’s still super important to make decisions! It’s not a blind experience even if you’re going downstream like we talked about last week. So, how do you direct your experience while still going with the flow you’ve created for yourself? Listen in! And scroll down with your wisdom

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