Book Of Positive Aspects

According to Viktor Frankl, father of Logotherapy (The Psychology of Meaning) and author of Man’s Search for Meaning, among other seminal works, our only inalienable right – one that no one can take from us – is to choose how we will respond to a given situation: The right to choose our attitude. Frankl developed Logotherapy and began writing what was to become Man’s Search for Meaning when he was a prisoner in Auschwitz… his whole family having been killed there.

Think about it for a moment. Here is a man who had lost his entire family at the hand of the Nazis, and who learned from that experience the most powerful teaching: The mind has the power to create the reality that one experiences in any circumstance, no matter what is happening “out there.” And what is more important is that it does so whether we realize it, or whether we admit it, or not.

The Book of Positive Aspects, as adapted from Abraham-Hicks’ teachings, is a way of harnessing this incredible power so that it works for you rather than despite you.

You see, no matter what you perceive as happening around you, there are positive aspects to the experience and those positive aspects are there for the seeing — if you choose to allow them in. And in choosing to let those aspects in to your consciousness, you also allow a reality that is consistent with them.

The Book of Positive Aspects IS NOT

  • about reframing a situation that might be negative into a positive
  • intending that you deny that something negative exists

The Book of Positive Aspects IS

  • about recognizing that in every moment something positive can be attended to
  • a way to make conscious choices to see only the positive aspects of a situation, person, or thing

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Jesus said, “Turn the other cheek,” and, “I see not that.” The Book of Positive Aspects is your chance to begin practicing this most powerful of teachings – a way of literally turning the other cheek on the negative in any situation, and to acknowledge only that which feels good about it.

It can be a challenge initially, but give it a try! If you persevere, you will be successful, and your life will change.

Ready? Grab new notebook and turn to a fresh page, and label the page with a subject, such as “My Partner,” or, “My Ex,” or “My Job.”

Then, write short statements or words that describe aspects of that person or situation that you truly can appreciate despite what else they may bring to you. Only positive things go here; nothing negative.

Remember, you are not suggesting that the negative is not there, you are simply focusing elsewhere for this moment. For example,

  • He can be so witty and charming!
  • The money really is quite good relative to the work I invest, and I have steady hours.
  • I can count on getting my paycheck.
  • I get to try new experiences, and I get paid for it!
  • Having this time off gives me a certain freedom that is priceless!
  • I like sharing expenses with someone.
  • My office has a beautiful view!

Do this until you are out of thoughts to write.

Then, review what you wrote. Not in a mechanical way, but take a few minutes to really feel the goodness in these aspects. Acknowledge them. Appreciate them. Bask in them for a few minutes. If new positive thoughts come to mind, add them to the list.

Do this daily on any and all subjects that can be a struggle for you. You can have as many books or sheets of paper as you like! See the good in the person. Remember, you are not denying what else exists, you are simply choosing to focus elsewhere.

You will find yourself aligned with only positive aspects no matter what the situation, and you will attract more and more positive experiences until one day, not far off at all, all of your experiences will contain only positive experiences for you in relation to your Book, because negative aspects – if they arise at all – will drift away quickly and effortlessly.

The person or situation may not change a bit, but they will be different when in your presence.

And what’s more, the person or situation you attract to replace the one in your current experience will be a match to the positive aspects that you have chosen to give your thoughts to.

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