A Life Aligned: The Journey to Allowing the Magic in Your Life


A Life Aligned is about living dreams. It is about possibilities. It is about living a life by allowing a life. It is about absolute fulfillment. And it is about magic!

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A Life Aligned is about living dreams. It is about possibilities. It is about living a life by allowing a life. It is about absolute fulfillment. And it is about magic. The process of intentional living can be made quite simple without sacrificing its power. Others suggest that formal meditation, breath-work, or other sometimes complicated techniques are necessary to live fully with intention. Not so! A Life Aligned is a time-tested and proven method for living with intention easily, effectively, and gracefully. Brought to you by internationally recognized author and coach, Dr. Mark Arcuri.

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9 reviews for A Life Aligned: The Journey to Allowing the Magic in Your Life

  1. Jimmie Reese, Volunteer Coordinator

    As a wife and mother of three grown children, a friend, and a hospice volunteer coordinator in the Houston area, my life- no my world – focuses on others, but in Dr. Mark’s book, A Life Aligned he gave me the difficult task of naming and then focusing on one single thing that I wanted for my life. Then he methodically laid the ground work, in five simple exercises, which allowed me to focus on that one wish, blocking out all other distractions and allowing God to align my life to His purpose for my life. Liberating and peace evoking, A Life Aligned is not only a must read but a must do for everyone who is held captive in today’s hectic fast paced world. A Life Aligned is a tremendous tool that facilitates your return to a state of harmony and balance.

  2. Angela Reese, LBSW, VP Operations, J&R Medical

    A tremendous study with insightful thought into the unknown destination of our inner psyche. This book will change lives as it provides the map for the journey which leads us to our dreams by means of living our lives. It will undoubtedly inspire those who read it to dive into identifying their dreams and add joy to their lives simply by changing the way that one thinks.

  3. Kristen L. Morgan, MT, BB (ASCP), Medical Technologist

    A Life Aligned is very upbeat and positive in its approach. I love the 5-Point Process. It scales basic principles into a clear-cut, step-style workbook format. I enjoyed reading it and feel it could be very enlightening and life-changing.

  4. Randall Roark, RN, ANP, MS, MPH, JD, Assistant Professor, Samuel Merritt College of Nursing

    Dr. Mark practices what he preaches by living his life aligned, setting an example for others to follow.

  5. Christine M. Espaillat, Wife, Mother, Business Woman

    A Life Aligned is an inspirational and uplifting read. I find that any level of thinker can relate to, and understand, this writing. I recommend this book to any beginning spiritual seeker, looking to change their life!

  6. Gerri Donohue, RN, MSN Clinical Nurse Specialist, Psychiatry

    Dr. Mark is mesmerizing. He isn’t talking to an anonymous reader, he is speaking directly to you. You’ll find yourself anticipating what the next page will bring on this journey called life. you will steadily start to notice a profound shift in your thinking as Dr. Mark shares his wisdom with you.

    Through his personal and often poignant disclosure of his own journey, a real connection is soon spark with Dr. Mark, which evolves into a feeling of warmth and closeness. In his deep and contemplative style, Dr. Mark motivates the reader to examine his or her life in a way likely never done before. Change will soon follow with seeming effortlessness. Let the magic begin.

  7. Farrah A. Beckham, Senior Buyer, Luxury Fashion Industry

    I have personally read at least half a dozen of what I call mind of matter books. The different with those books and A Life Aligned is that this book far surpasses the others in actually teaching you how to implement the concept. the 5-Point Process is easy to understand and truly easy to practice. Read this book!

  8. Clare Goodwin, Intuitive Counselor

    Beyond Positive Thinking, Dr. Mark’s exceptional ideas and 5-Point Process will guide you to living the life of your dreams. I am recommending it as a Must read for all of my clients.

  9. Elane Dynneson, VP Credit Marketing

    This book is a very easy read and the process is extremely straightforward. Having read several books about intention, I started this book thinking it was just going to be the same old thing. Dr. Mark simplified the steps in an easy-to-follow way. The content definitely makes sense and I will definitely use the process. I found the examples very relevant and not always predictable. I liked how he sets you up at the end of each step so that you are ready for the next step to start. All in all, a good read and certainly thought provoking.

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