Integrative Health Coaching & Wellness Services

The core of achieving your physical wellness goals rests in an understanding of your current emotional, diet, exercise, and sleep habits, as well as in your satisfaction in other areas of your life such as relationships, career, and spiritual practices, and overall happiness; your bio-psycho-socio-spiritual sphere. Key to optimal functioning is an understanding of the interplay of all aspects of your Being and how even subtle changes in critical areas can have powerful effects in any direction.

My intentions in my work with you are simple: To partner with you in enhancing your overall quality of life in support of your specific goals. Our work together may include:

  • Fitness Guidance, including developing a comprehensive fitness plan, to incorporate into your daily routine or at the gym
  • Nutritional Guidance emphasizing an anti-inflammatory régime and to support for overall physical wellness goals
  • Lifestyle Guidance to ensure whole life alignment with your goals
  • Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching, including:

Energy Techniques such as Z-Point, Tapping, or Thought Field Therapy to remove conscious and unconscious blocks to embracing your power.
Meditation and Mindfulness practices to energize your overall life force and support your ability to sustain your goals once you achieve them.
Law of Attraction framework to ensure that you are living your emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects in exact alignment with the having all you are wanting.

Our work will also draw on my internationally recognized book, A Life Aligned: The Journey to Allowing the Magic in Your Life.

Please note: I no longer offer psychology services to the general public. Services are limited to Integrative Health Coaching only and are not intended to diagnose or treat any disorder. Due to the virtual nature of our work together any fitness, nutritional, and other physical lifestyle recommendations should only be carried out after you have consulted your personal health care provider to discuss potential contraindications. Your agreement to these conditions is required at the start of our work together.

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