Paradise (re)Discovered – Law of Attraction

Do you understand Law of Attraction and how it factors in on your path of (re)Discovery? It’s working for you whether you understand it or not! What you might not know is how easy it is to put your relationship with Law of Attraction in your guidance toolbox…  and in fact I think it’s critical …

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Paradise (re)Discovered – From Challenges to Paradise (re)Discovered

We all have challenges in our life. Some feel big, others minor, but no matter the magnitude and how disruptive they may or may not be, I think that challenges all have one thing in common. Every one of them presents us with a big clue in (re)discovering who we are. Do your challenges define …

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La Peña, My Role Model For 2018

I was first gifted with an introduction to “La Peña” in 2014 when I travelled to México to officiate Carlos’ and Victor’s wedding. A friend-to-be took a group of us on a trip to Bernal and we had breakfast at a hotel whose dining room overlooked the rock. I remember being intrigued by her mystery …

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