I Am Open To Receive!

I Am Open to Receive!

I had a conversation with my mother yesterday as I do every Sunday. She is 85 years old and lives independently about 1700 miles away. She was telling me about a neighbor who took her to lunch this past week. He paid the bill. My mother’s presumption was that he did that because she made …

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New Day, Same Opportunity

Today is a new day. While no doubt it will be full of experiences that are pretty routine, there is also a brand new opportunity—brand new despite that it happens everyday. The opportunity is to ask yourself a simple question as you start the day, the answer to which can have profound consequences. A few …

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Vernal Equinox – Your Opportunity for Perfect Balance

This week marks the vernal equinox, an instant in time when light and dark are in near perfect balance, day and night are equal in length, and it is the day when the sun rises precisely in the east and sets precisely in the west. Equinox’s happen twice a year. The vernal equinox marks the …

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