Turn Transition into Transformation!

I’m headed back to the US today after two weeks of working and playing (same thing!) in Querétaro, Mexico. The time was productive; lots of writing, video, and soulful planning into 2019. It’s also been a time for reflection as 2018 draws to a close and 2019 brings with it the promise of new beginnings …

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Dia de los Muertos – Paradise (re)Discovered

Today is the beginning of two days of celebrations for Dia de los Muertos here in Santa Fe and in some regions in México. Other cultures and traditions have similar celebrations and remembrances where family and friends pray for and otherwise remember loved ones who have passed on. The intention is to support them on …

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I Have A Family, I Am Not My Family

Tumultuous times are upon us in the United States of America. Indeed “United States” seems like a misnomer as ever growing disunity establishes itself with the installation of a new administration that was appointed to office despite that the people elected another. This challenges the very core of what any democracy stands for. And many, myself …

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